Thule #542 Artificial Raingutters

Thule #542 Artificial Raingutters installed on the shell of my truck makes it possible to use standard "Gutter Feet" for rack mounting. I drilled two mounting holes per unit, sealed the hole area with silicone, and bolted them down. These can be used on any application where standard rain gutters do not exist.

Model 300 Gutter Feet.

Thule #300 "Gutter Feet". After installing the #542 Artificial Raingutters on my shell, I used these for the base on which to mount the bar. If you look closely, you can see the curved lip of the Artificial Raingutter that the Gutter Foot squeezes against making a solid mounting unit. Also pictured are the optional assembly locking knobs. Just one more bit of security.