Powered Bait Tank

Kenny's HomeMade Powered Bait Tank:

- 5 Gal Steralite Tub ($2.45 at Big Lots)
- 360 Gph Rule Bilge Pump
- Flow restricter for incoming water
- Through hull fitting with screen for drain
- "T" with screw on cap....used to drain tank
- 3/4" clear plastic hose
- Double wire trailer quick connect for plug in

To drain the bait tank at the end of the days fishing I just open the cap on the "T" and put the pump into the bait tank and all but about an inch of water drains out very quickly... I cut a hole in the cover and put a pice of an old tupper-ware in the hole so water wouldn't come out...
Most of the marine parts came from Boatersworld...
Any questions email me Kenny ...kysato@earthlink.net.

Bait Tank