Pete from New Zealand sent us a few rigging photos of his Swing. While they are no longer being produced in the USA, they are enjoying an extended life abroad. They have a very nice hull design on them, but have smaller hatches than most of us kayak anglers are use to.

Perception Swing Fishing Kayak Photo #1

Nice front view showing this anglers Anchor Trolley he has setup for kayak fishing. With an anchor trolley, you have alot more control over your drifts than without one, which can make a big difference at the end of the day.

Perception Swing Kayak Fishing Photo #2

Cockpit view showing this angler uses a fish finder as well as a GPS on his fishing kayak.

Perception Swing Photo #3

The overall photo of the kayak showing the lines of the hull. While it had a really nice utility kayak hull under it, the hatches were small compared to other fishing models out there, and may have led to the demise of it for the kayak fishing market in the Unted States.

It is currently being manufactured abroad.