Live Well   Live Well

Lower Right Photo:  For our kayak fishing live well, we used a 28 Gallon Rubbermaid container that fit the center seating area in a Cobra Triple kayak area very well. We used a 13 VDC, 410 GPH West Marine bilge pump, and two feet of 3/4" plastic hose to connect the pump to the Attwood 90 degree Aerator Spray Head, Mdl# 4125. For the discharge side of things, we used a 1 1/2" Attwood thru-hull fitting for a drain. We also needed to use an adequate discharge extension to drain water away from the center cockpit area of the kayak, as there are no functional scupper holes in that seating position. We then used some "Marine Goop" to seal fittings against tank. With no scupper holes to remove water, the more water-tight the better.
Upper Left Photo:  Attwood Aerator Spray Head at work. Notice nozzle is mounted above water level so aeration occurs when water is entering tank. Alot of anglers are using these now on their live bait tanks for kayak fishing.
Upper Right Photo:  Testing for any leaks where fittings enter/exit the live well. Because this talk will be used in a area that is not self bailing, no leakage is very desirable.
Lower Left Photo: Showing the discharge fitting. After the live well is secured to the kayak, the hose lengths will be finish cut for proper pump depth, and water discharge clearance. Hose clamps will be installed, and the electrical system for the live well will be installed also.

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Live Well   Bait Tank