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This Perception Kayaks review is by HaitiDad, who reviewed the Tandem Acadia model kayak on 10-09-2006. It was given an overall rating of 10, where 1 is low...10 is high.
Comments:  Went to the keys and did an island tour in a yak had a great time and then found a Perception Acadia from army navy in the back yard christmas. Great boat, very sturdy, and our niece 5 fits in good and the chihuahuas have plenty of room. You can drop the boat just before its on the roof and it still floats. The back hatch does get water in it but it just needs a little silocone, I would buy another used anytime I could find one, missed one at kayak amelia this spring.
Suggested Changes: None

This Perception Kayaks review is by LCarrico, who reviewed the Bimini 15.0 model kayak on 11-22-2005. It was given an overall rating of 9, where 1 is low...10 is high.
Comments:  Really pleased with the Bimini 15.0. I've fished out of a Prism for several years until my daughter got old enough and claimed it for her own. I really liked that Prism, but I'm happier with the Bimini. I've also owned a Cobra Explorer and still have a Malibu Pro Explorer, so I've had several boats to compare the Bimini to. I really like the moulded bait-bucket area behind the seat. I keep a fishing crate there with all my essentials. The boat is a little hard to turn in the faster moving rivers, but is more maneuverable than one would think. It's made to go fast and straight. and it does. I'll be installing a rudder soon. The boat is pretty heavy, but it carries a ton of gear. You can carry enough gear for several days without leaving any necessities behind. Great yak. Silent in the water, too.
Suggested Changes: The tackle holder in the middle leaks badly. Something should be done at the factory about this, but I've got an idea about fixing mine. The seat is a little wet. You will want a thick cushion to stay dry.

This Perception Kayaks review is by GoWakeZone, who reviewed the Keowee ll model kayak on 12-12-2005. It was given an overall rating of 7, where 1 is low...10 is high.
Comments:  13 foot two seat tandem that easily converts to solo. Very large open cockpit, comfy seats with cupholders, utilitarian outfitting but many accessories are available for add-on. Designed for all purpose stable recreational kayaking. Pretty simple really, I'm surprised there was no review already. The Keowee II is a great option for the non-high performance masses that want to add fishing to the list of fun ways they use their kayaks. The major attractions of this design are tons of room, extreme stability and affordability/availability. Perception/Aquaterra has sold many thousands of Keowees over the last 15 some odd years which means this design that originally retailed for under $600 can regularly be found used for only a couple hundred bucks. That left over cash buys a lot of tackle my friends! When you're not fishing, use it like any recreational and introduce new boaters to kayaking. VERY STABLE: Beginners and novices will feel safe and stable immediately, experienced boaters with good balance can stand and even crawl in and out for a swim without tipping. So, a dog, child, second adult, or well stocked cooler can easily come along on trips. Cast as hard as you want and land that lunker with no concern for going in the drink. NOT a Speedster: But it handles well and gets from A to B just fine in lots of water conditions. Tracks adequately, maneuvers fine as well. Transport: At about 60 lbs and pretty wide, it can be a challenge for one person to put on a roof rack if you're not fairly strong. Its a piece of cake for two people, or to put in a pickup truck. Otherwise, consider some of the new rack options that assist a solo paddler putting yaks on racks. Its discontinued now so if you really like to buy new, the Acadia II is the replacement in the Perception fleet. There was also a single person version simply called the Keowee.
Suggested Changes: None

This Perception Kayaks review is by Blitz, who reviewed the Bimini 15 model kayak on 02-19-2005. It was given an overall rating of 9, where 1 is low...10 is high.
Comments:  So, after paddling every sporting kayak I could talk my way into, I bought a Perception Bimini 15 even before trying one. Why? Perception is a great brand, in many circles the standard by which others are judged, so I figured it would excel. Secondly, I read a few of the reviews around the web, they seemed accurate regarding the other boats so I took them at their word. It's true, every design has its pros and cons. From what I learned thru my demos, one look at the Bimini hull and I knew it would track straight and glide well. However, there were really 2 deciding factors: Layout - outstanding! One look and I realized there would be no compromise when mounting my GPS, Scotty's and/or RAM's, etc. Plenty of handy flats and all within comfortable reach. Paddle holders on each side (or paddle PLUS gun!), drink in the middle, and take that cover off the small storage space between my knees and 3 boxes of shotshells are held adequately at ready. I was having a hard time deciding btw. the two longer Tarpons (140 & 160) before seeing the Bimini, and it solved the problem ... dry storage fore and aft PLUS the recessed bucket holder with a drain in the center ... what a nice design for live bait! Price - the clincher was it was a great deal - seems everyone hereabouts is buying Tarpons and Prowlers, the Bimini was a $499 close-out. I'd have gladly paid retail, however, so the deal was done. After spending an afternoon in it, the other write-up I've read are accurate ... a bit tipsy at first but excellent secondary stability. Tracks very straight yet is manueverable, no problem with u-turns in the 30 foot canals around here. Glide and speed is every bit as good as the Prowler, significantly better than the Tarpon 140. Less wind-sensitive too. One outstanding feature, I imagine because of the V-hull design, is that it glides thru the hydrilla and duckweed nearly as well as open water. No kidding, you can hardly walk (wade) thru it, that stuff is difficult to navigate with my Otter Stealth (pontoon-hull kayak), impossible in my jonboat, but the Bimini literally glides right thru it. This is very important to retrieving downed birds and reason enough for any duck hunter or bass fisherman to own one. Additionally, the bow hatch will comfortably accept my 28" barreled shotgun and dry-bag; while a dozen full-bodied decoys, shell/accessory box and my Mojo Duck lash securely to the decks via the convenient click-straps and bungees factory-mounted fore and aft. IMPORTANT NOTE: This unit must be stored / transported upside down as recommended by the factory, supported at the hatches - the hull gets impressions of anything it is set on for even very short periods of storage, even the u-shaped luggage racks will disfigure the bottom after a couple hours. When suspended by the bow/stern handles for a few days the 'yak bows. The impressions will self-heal after a couple days of proper storage. I should also mention that their customer service is exceptional - my dumb questions were thoroughly researched and responded to promptly by Renee, many accolades to Perception for this in this China-centric marketplace today.
Suggested Changes: Seal the small center hatch better. Switch the forward rod holder platform with the fishfinder platform (the rodholder platform will need to be moved closer to the paddler in this case). The rodholder obscures it in its current location.

This Perception Kayaks review is by lcarrico, who reviewed the Prism model kayak on 01-03-2005. It was given an overall rating of 8, where 1 is low...10 is high.
Comments: I've used my Prism for several years now. It is really fast and tracks well. It is easy to move around in calm to moderately choppy waters. Also, it carries a heavy load with ease. It is difficult to get into the hatches while on the water. Most of my fishing is done in freshwater rivers. It is not a good whitewater yak, though I survived 48 miles of the Devil's River with little damage to me and none to the kayak (I left a couple of rods on the river bottom). I was surprised at the stability and still wonder why I didn't flip it several more times. Look for a shorter, more maneuverable boat if you are facing Class III or above rapids.
Suggested Changes: Ideal for its intended purpose. If it doesn't suit your needs, just get another kayak.

This Perception Kayaks review is by pg6922, who reviewed the Bimini 15 model kayak on 09-13-2004. It was given an overall rating of 8, where 1 is low...10 is high.
Comments: I must start by saying that the purchase of the Perception Bimini 15 with the fishing package, was a no brainer for me, since I was getting it below wholesale and was paying much less than a new 12ft kayak. This being said, I really did not consider another kayak. The first thing I noticed about this kayak is the quality fit and finish. There appears to be some sort of protective coating over the base color similar to that of a clear coat on a car. The seat, the rudder and hatches all appear to be of high quality materials. The Bimini is designed for speed. Its 27.75 inches wide and 15.3 inches in length. There is one scupper hole in the center of the tank well and two in the foot wells in front of the foot pedals. I'm 5'10 205lbs and upon my first wet test, without scupper plugs, I noticed the foot wells immediately filled with almost 2 inches of water. 10 minutes later I fashioned my own scupper plugs out of swim noodle.....problem solved. My first impressions on the water were great. The Yakima rudder was fantastic. It can be raised and lowered with one hand while sitting by using the attached shock cord on the right side of the kayak. I did find the primary stability tipsy initially, but the secondary stability firms up nicely as you tip in. I did try sitting sideways and it works, but is uncomfortable. The small tackle hatch thats sits in front of the seat is functional, but is not dry at all and could use much improvement. I did my own modifications to make it dry storage for my camera. As I mentioned earlier, this kayak was built for speed. The words that came to mind while paddling to my fishing spot was "Point and shoot" You point it in the direction your heading and your there before you know it. With a tail wind I hit 6.2 mpg on my gps and found that I could comfortably cruise at 4-4.5 mpg. While paddling in white capping wind swept water, I found that it takes a whole lot of wave and wind to affect the posture of the Bimini. With the rudder, even in a 25 mpg head wind, it tracks straight and is able to keep speed. The Bimini has plenty of deck loops already installed on it and have not found a need to install more. I have read reviews that mention the lack of side grab handles. The grab handles are built in with a texturized gripping surface and have been able to carry the kayak with one hand down to the launch. Now at 69lbs, its not light. In fact, its pretty heavy, but definitely manageable for a larger person to carry solo. I have tried standing in this kayak and it can be done, but it is not my preferred method of moving it. It takes some concentration and falling out could happen in a snap. As far as anchoring up and fishing out of it, I dont think it really excels over any other kayak. Its when the rudder is down with a slight wind or current that this kayak shines. It is able to hold a drift, allowing for more opportunity for you to cast your bait to your desired target, hands free. I am very pleased with the performance of this kayak and would purchase again, even at the MSRP $949. PG
Suggested Changes: 1.Center Hatch needs to be improved.(More water proof) 2.Built in measuring tape imprinted on gunnels. 3.Deeper cup holder 4.Taller scuppers in foot well(less water intrusion in footwells) 5.Use flat head screws on foot pedal mounts(as you work the rudder with the foot pedals, the edge of the foot pedal catches the round head of the screws that attach the footbrace rails.) 6.Make the recessed area where the deck loops attach, a little wider and deeper, so that its easier to clip the seat in.

This Perception Kayaks review is by River King Coffee, who reviewed the Carolina 14.5 2004 model kayak on 04-02-2004. It was given an overall rating of 9, where 1 is low...10 is high.
Comments: Having ridden many a kayak in my day, I am very happy with this particular model. Tracks straight, lots of leg room, stable, and has lots of storage room for overnight fishing treks. The color I got was yellow/orange/red but then I colored over it with a slick green and black. I out fitted my kayak with paddle holders, pole holders and a beer holder. It has taken me sea trekin' lake scouting and river rampaging.....such a good kayak
Suggested Changes: 

jdh reviewed the Perception brand, Illusion model kayak on 01-03-2003. It was given an overall rating of 8, where 1 is low...10 is high.
Comments: This is a great boat. The hatches are robust. It is very stable and is made well. It tracks good, but not great. I've paddled Scupper Pro's and Tarpons. I like it better than the Scupper, but the Tarpon tracks better. That being said the hatches on the Tarpon are very weak.
Suggested Changes: The boat has plenty of extra rigging that makes up for not having a tank well. I can stuff the hatches and then secure tackle, bait, and extras with the external rigging/bungees.

This Perception Kayaks review is by Thumper, who reviewed the Swing model kayak on 07-02-2002. It was given an overall rating of 8, where 1 is low...10 is high.
Comments: I like the overall serviceability of the kayak. I have used it three seasons, and it will last another three in not more. It is not the fastest kayak out there, but it does fishing, surfing, and utility use with equal ability. I have never dove off it yet, but I have used hoop nets for bugs off it, and it does that well also. Newcomers to the sport find they are comfortable on it from the start, which is a big plus. The tracking channels in the hull help keep it tracking straight, and have no absolute need for the rudder.
Suggested Changes: I would like to see at least one large hatch in the bow like the illusion has. Having two 10" circular hatches is a handicap for carrying rods or other large items below deck.