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This Pelican Kayak review is by Triton809, who reviewed the Castaway on 07-05-2006. It was given an overall rating of 8, where 1 is low...10 is high.
Comments:  After a lot of searching I ended up with a Pelican Castaway from Dick's Sporting Goods who were surprisingly competitive with Cabela's (who offered not much) and Gander (who had a lot). I decided to chose the Castaway because I am new to kayakfishing and I am not going on big water, other than the Ohio River. I got in for about $350. It has a front hatch, not waterproof that can handle a lot of gear even in dry bags and a small behind the seat hatch that is supposed to be waterproof but I use dry bags anyhow. there is more storage in the rear hatch too. Rod holders behind the seat and one in front. It handles well, is lightweight and can be carried to the water. I transport it in the bed of a long bed Ranger truck with no difficulty. The center console needs more features and can be altered by aftermarket items. I do not know how durable the Castaway is but in the world of under $750-1000 dollar kayaks this one has been fun and functional. I have not stood it in but am impressed that it is so stable and can take wake from a tug and barge without dumping you. Stability is important when getting back in after dumping out too. Its 11.5 feet and has been good to me so far. I will likely upgrade next season to spend more time on larger water but I am happy with this and cannot find a problem. I had one encounter with Pelican customer service and it was positive for items that were not in the hatch after purchase. You can do better for more money but you cannot do better for this range. I give it at least and 8. Would like more rod holders up front though.
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This Pelican Kayak review is by a Cricket, who reviewed the Castaway on 06-07-2005. It was given an overall rating of 9, where 1 is low...10 is high.
Comments: My third kayak,the Castaway by Pelican International is a kayak really set up pretty well right out of the box. Front hatch, built in rod holders, large storage area in back, cup holder,dry hatch behind seat,many extras with fishing in mind.11 ft. 6 in. long, 60 lbs., a very stable, versatile boat. Have fished from it in the surf to ponds with no problems, good for rivers too. Try one, it will get you where the fish are.
Suggested Changes: Scuppers a little on the small side,fixed mine with a drill and hole saw. I also installed 2 rod holders to the inside where the footrest are located.

This Heritage Kayak review is by a Capt. Ken Roy, who reviewed the Featherweight Angler 9.5 on 06-07-2005. It was given an overall rating of 9, where 1 is low...10 is high.
Comments: Super easy to load, stable and comfortable, even for a 63 year old. I've had it a little over a month and have launched it 20 times both in fresh and salt water. I've caught fish as large as 25# so far and a 150# Tarpon is a definite possibility---soon.
Since it is a sit inside yak, it is not as easy to get into and out of but I stay dry. Yea, it could swamp but I added a couple of large water noodles for added flotation.
Suggested Changes: Sit inside yaks aren't as flexible with additions like wells. I added a rod holder at the front of the cockpit to use when trolling for Tarpon. It works better than the factory rod holders mounted behind the seat. The back holders are good for holding rods only. With a big fish on, you cannot remove the rod from the holder.

This Heritage Kayak review is by a Guest, who reviewed the Featherlite Angler model kayak on 05-15-2005. It was given an overall rating of 9, where 1 is low...10 is high.
Comments: At 9 and a half feet long, weighing 38lbs it is easy to load and unload, (out of my truck with one hand!). It is a wonderful yak to take to ponds, lakes, creeks, and rivers. It fishes great! I have paddled against the wind (whitecaps) and fished with no problem (something you could not do in a flat bottom boat). It is super stable and for its size moves really well. I'm "hooked" on fishing out of a Kayak! Try it, you will be too.
Suggested Changes: Needs a better way to get to the storage behind the seat.

This Pelican Kayak review is by Jerbro, who reviewed the Apex 2 model kayak on 04-10-2005. It was given an overall rating of 8, where 1 is low...10 is high.
Comments: I shopped for about a week and looked @ alot of different Tandem Kayaks, Price was my deciding factor. as far as the money, I couldn't pass up the Pelican apex II tandem. $325.00 @ sports authority. 300 less than its next competitor, Paddled well from from rear, and center, very stable, I was able to stand and cast, Paddle from knees, move about the boat. Speed was o.k., kept up with Malibu xl just fine. Tested on lake, will post ocean findings this week.
Suggested Changes: Hatch access

This Emotion Kayaks review is by pag_yaker, who Fisherman model kayak on 02-18-2004. It was given an overall rating of 10, where 1 is low...10 is high.
Comments: Length: 14 ft. Width: 30.5 in. Capacity: 375-400 lbs. Weight: 60 lbs. SRP: $699 (with center hatch) "Canoe and Kayak" magazine rated a number of fishing kayaks in their July 2003 issue. To me, that was a very informative issue, so I'll attempt to use a similar format. I did my "field test" over the course of 3 outings on 3 days, starting on New Year's Day (2004) - what a way to start the new year ! I launched from St. Pete Beach (close to the jetty) - made 2 trips to the Don CeSar and back (3 miles round trip) and 1 trip over to Shell Island (1.8 miles round trip). I'm 5' 9", and tip the scales around 230. The water was pretty flat except for the last trip to the Don and the wind and boat traffic made for a bumpy ride. But that also gave me a chance to test the kayak in less than perfect conditions. Comfort/Ease Of Use: This kayak was very easy to get in to. I was able to simply sit down about where the hatch is and just scoot back in to the seat. The cockpit is very roomy, and since the foot rests are adjustable, it didn't take me long to adjust them and the seat, and 'fit' the boat to *me*. Initial stability is great. I had no worries if I wanted to sit sideways, reach around to the bait bucket/cooler. Secondary stability is equally as good. Even in surf and boat traffic I never felt tipsy, to the point where I didn't really give it much thought. This kayak also offers a very dry ride. Even when I'd nose it in to a wave (intentionally, flooding the cockpit), i'd drain quickly through the front scuppers and the seat would soon be dry. During these outings I'd have my digital camera, GPS, bottle opener, in the huge center hatch, and had no problems accessing it. In my old yak, I was constantly plagued by lower back pains. However, in this kayak, I just paddled - back pain never entered the picture. This is a HUGE improvement for me, makes me want to paddle longer when I go. I don't know if it's due to increased stability, a better seat, or a combination of the 2. I just know it was a lot of fun just to get in the kayak and go. Handling/Speed: No issues here - I was able to turn it about as easily as my Emotion Exhilarator (11' 3"). It's set up for easily installing a rudder system, but I wouldn't see myself using one much. Even though the hull is relatively flat, it tracked well. Fishing: For what I like to do, it's perfect. I like roaming areas like Fort DeSoto in St. Petersburg FL (both in the kayak and wading), using lures or live bait, and sometimes I just want to paddle up to the beach to clean out the cob-webs. I also wanted some storage for overnight camping trips to Shell Island. The kayak doesn't come with any rod holders, so I used the ones provided in the seat (SeaAirSports high back). Since the kayak is so stable, I had no problems sitting sideways in the seat to access the rod holders or the bait bucket. I was able to cast lures as hard as I wanted with very little rocking. The 'dash' for mounting electronics will work well for me because it's out of the way. Plus, having that big hatch so close to the dash will make wiring chores much easier. For my fishing and short touring needs this kayak will serve me well. Details: It comes with a no-frills paddle keeper, which definitely comes in handy, works great. The middle eyelets for the bungee harness are open. So, you take the cord out of the eyelets and the tank well is completely open. Then load it with whatever, then put the cord back. This is much easier than trying to weave something through stationary cords. Heft: Since this boat is almost 3 feet longer than my previous boat, carrying it and balancing it was certainly different. Luckily, the side handles are placed in the proper place, so I was able to lift the kayak, and balance it on my head for the short walk to the beach from my house. For longer hauls, I'd certainly use my dolly. Safety: I ordered my boat in yellow, and it's definitely "hi-vis". When my wife and I paddled to Shell Island, we were certainly seen by approaching boats. Options/Modifications: We all have to make our mark on our kayak, I'm certainly no exception. I ordered an optional hatch (slightly smaller than the standard center hatch) and I'll install that on the front deck when I install a Scotty rod holder and electronics. Installing that hatch will reveal a HUGE storage area up front. At some point I'll install an anchor trolley as well.
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This Pygmy Kayak review is by lriordan, who reviewed the Osprey Std model kayak on 11-28-2003. It was given an overall rating of 9, where 1 is low...10 is high.
Comments: 15-8 length, 23" beam, stitch and glue kit. Basically a very fast pointy float tube. Excellent stability and roomy cockpit. Square cockpit combing gives a good base for a rod holder. Portable fish/depth finder suction cups onto the side. Made the rear hatch for access while sitting in the cockpit on the water.
Suggested Changes: Rolling your own, you can make what ever changes you wish.

This Heritage Kayak review is by JohnD, who reviewed the Fisherman Pro 14 model kayak on 02-13-2005. It was given an overall rating of 9, where 1 is low...10 is high.
Comments: As this is my first kayak, I don't have much of a reference point, but I bought it on recommendation, reputation and I loved the looks of this boat. Took it out for maiden voyage in Lower Laguna Madre at my home on South Padre Island. Conditions were windy and a good chop on the bay. I had some concerns about this kayak handling my weight. I am 6'2" and 235 lbs. But, let me say that this is one stable boat, both sitting still and moving. And moving is what this boat does best. A couple of paddle strokes and it on it's way. I was amazed at how easy this kayak is to paddle, get up to speed and turn. Got a wet butt for sure but I don't mind that. The water down here never seems to get real cold, and I can always wear my waders if I want to. Had my fishing gear with me, except for poles to see how it would handle. All I can say it I am thrilled about this kayak. Can't wait to fish from it, as I can now get to the flats fast. Not a lot of storage space on top. But, I got a Rubbermaid plastic coated wire dish rack and a large mesh bag that covers the rack and all my necessary fishing gear, gallon of water, etc. The boat has cords to hold this in place, just in back of the factory supplied flush rod holders. I'd say anyone who values speed, maneuverability and decent stability over a lot of topside storage, this is a boat to consider. Best part is I got it at Academy Sports for only $528.00.
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