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This Old Town Canoe Kayak review is by FishingFool, who reviewed the Otter XT model kayak on 10-07-2004. It was given an overall rating of 10, where 1 is low...10 is high.
Comments: This is the first for me that I have it all rigged up with rod holders in front and bock, and a cargo net up front for my tackle box. I also installed tie downs for my fishing rods in case I flip over. I mainly use the kayak for angling after Large Mouth Bass and other fish.
Suggested Changes: None.

This Old Town Canoe Kayak review is by jclays, who reviewed the Adventure xl 160 model kayak on 10-07-2004. It was given an overall rating of 9, where 1 is low...10 is high.
Comments: I've just test paddled my new (winter, dry) yak. It is a stick. Yes.... stick made by old town. It's the Adventure XL 16ft long 26 inches wide with a Vee shape hull and upturned bow. The weight is approx 58lbs. The reason I picked this particular yak is the cockpit size 18x40 inches vs conventional 18x30inches. Plenty of room but yet not as big an opening as the pungo or old town loon also 2 hatches with bulkheads to make them sealed all around. I will use this on cold days. I won't be able to carry as much stuff rigging will be a few flush mount rod holders and will see what else I come up with. At 16 ft and with a touring hull configuration the yak was fast, quiet and remarkably stable. I launched at Alamitos Bay by the gondolas at about 5pm paddled thru the harbor and out into open water. The wind was steady and the swells where good sizes and at quick intervals. the Adventure xl's upswept bow sliced thru and over. I stayed dry and didn't miss a beat paddling. Maintained 4.6 mph (on my gps) and was comfortable. Picked up flush mounts at Southwind Kayaks in Irvine. Will mount tomorrow. Perry I know you like the Loon 138 Let me know if you want a test paddle. Jim
Suggested Changes: the only change would be a larger hatch opening in the rear.

This Old Town Canoe Kayak review is by Skeeter, who reviewed the Predator K111 model kayak on 05-04-2004. It was given an overall rating of 7, where 1 is low...10 is high.
Comments: This is a very stable kayak for its size. Not overly impressive on long trekking as might be expected considering its length. I wish the mid-size model had been available when I bought this because it is almost too small for anyone over 200 lbs. Having said that, I use it on a lake and really don't experience much rough water. I have an absolute blast fishing out of it. In fact, last summer I hooked into a 30 inch Northern Pike and it took me for a bit of a ride. VERY FUN INDEED.
Suggested Changes: 

This Old Town Canoe Kayak review is by Scott Shaw, who reviewed the Old Town Loon 138 model kayak on 01-25-2004. It was given an overall rating of 9, where 1 is low...10 is high.
Comments: After my wife got her water skills past the Wilderness "Ride", and she took over my Pungo,it was time to time to go shopping. I looked at the Pungo 140,but my yak cart would not fit thru the hatch , and I need that dude for times when I want to cart the boat.Also , an inch more freeboard on the Loon is positive. I choose the Old Town Loon 138.It has the extra freeboard,and with the foam sandwich Poly 3 hull,it has a much stiffer hull then just about any plastic yak available. A few more pounds of weight yes,but I am not going to carry any yak far when my cart is ready to do the work. Also,the Poly 3 hull from Old Town is extra insulation on cold water lakes. I said lakes , as this is a boat for freshwater lakes,slow rivers,and bays.The large cockpit is great for those waters , but for ocean use,go for a SOT. The Loon is rock steady , with more then ample stability.It turns Ok when leaning the yak , and really wants to stay level and straight.It seems to be a great fishing platform,it wants to stay real secure on it's bottom and is not rocky. If someone rolls this guy over , they really had to try hard. The general finish of the hull is tops;Old Town does a better job then most manufacture's on their finish.This yak at 13'8" ,it is a good size for open water,but will turn easy enough for narrow channels. I like this pup. Scott Shaw
Suggested Changes: No,it is good to go as it is.

This Old Town Canoe Kayak review is by Firstimer, who reviewed the Loon 138 model kayak on 10-19-2003. It was given an overall rating of 9, where 1 is low...10 is high.
Comments: Rented my first kayak to go offshore at Cape Cod to chase med. size bluefish with my surf rod. It was a Loon 138 from Old Town. Had a BLAST!! Boat was very stable and performed well in seas up to 3 feet. Don't try it in hard chop, though. Boat tracked well and was a joy to paddle. Turning took some learning, but I got it going well after a while.
Suggested Changes: The kayak I rented was just that...a kayak, period. There were no accessories to make the fisherman's life easy. Boat was simple though, and hull was high enough for me to stow my bait bucket in front of me. Being a big guy, this boat was ideal because it has a 380 lb. capacity. This boat would be GREAT if outfitted with a rod holder and an anchor system.

This Old Town Canoe Kayak review is by PerryC, who reviewed the Old Town Canoe Predator model kayak on 06-16-2003. It was given an overall rating of 9, where 1 is low...10 is high.
Comments: For a 11 foot recreational kayak, it is very nice. Old Town canoes craftsmanship and quality is second to none, the finish is outstanding. It tracks very well, and has a good amount of glide to it making it very easy to paddle. Standard features include a very well thought out and functional deck gear holder, anchor system, cockpit tackle holder and a flush mount rod holder. For someone looking for a smaller recreational kayak for fishing, it deserves a serious look.
Suggested Changes: The flush mounted rod holder needs to be moved farther forward, and perhaps the cockpit taper needs to be reduced a bit retaining the max width.