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This Ocean Kayak review is by Fishing Diver, who reviewed the Sidekick model kayak on 11-08-2005. It was given an overall rating of 8, where 1 is low...10 is high.
Comments:  First some background to help readers understand why we might choose the Sidekick.

My sweetie and I are recreational divers and fisherman. We live in Southwest Florida and we fish and dive the near-shore reefs and back-bay areas along the Gulf coast. We've each owned two other kayaks prior to our recent purchase of two new Sidekicks. Our previous kayaks were Walden Paddlers and small, lightweight stitch and glue sit inside yaks. We weigh 160 lbs and 195lbs. We're between 5' 7" and 6' tall.

We've had our Sidekicks out on the water 5 times so far. We also test paddled the Sidekick twice before buying. With the intention to use our sit on top kayaks as a fishing, diving, and spear-fishing platform, we were looking for a very stable hull with ample displacement for hauling gear and with luck many pounds of fish. We decided we didn't need a fast hull because our longest trips on the Gulf or in the back-bay are typically less than four miles round trip. We paddle our Sidekicks as solo boats only.

We've done two dives so far in the Gulf from our Sidekicks. One dive equipped with scuba gear and one dive was a free diving/spear fishing trip. The rear tank well is the perfect size to securely hold an aluminum 80 tank with weight integrated BC. The tank well's factory bungee system keeps the tank and BC secured in the well even when the boat gets rolled over and then righted. It's not difficult to lift/ drag the tank and BC into and out of the tank well and over the side while facing backward with both legs over the side. The 6 inch factory cockpit hatch with molded in bucket is a good place to secure your car keys and fishing license but the factory hatches on both our Sidekicks leaked so a plastic zip lock bag is a good idea for things you want to keep dry. The Sidekick comes with 3 paddle keeper bungees along the hull. Two at the cockpit and one forward and next to the child seat. The molded in groove that runs up the side of the hull and under each paddle keeper, traps paddles and spear guns against the hull very securely. The incredible stability of the Sidekick allowed my sweetie to stand up in the cockpit without falling overboard with a 1 foot chop on the Gulf. The boats displacement and stability allows us to crawl up to the front of the boat on our knees and deploy/ retrieve a ten pound anchor. The boats stability also makes it easy to sit in the cockpit with both legs over the same side while getting ready to dive. Getting back into the boat in deep water is relatively easy but takes a few practice tries to develop technique. The boats high and dry deck means you have to lift/ launch yourself up into the cockpit rather than sinking the hull to allow you to swim onto it. The extra displacement designed into the turned up bow makes it possible to store about 30 lbs of gear or fish on the front deck area without fear of a wave washing over the deck as you paddle into a wave. Things we added to the stock Sidekick to make it a better dive platform included deck bungee and additional deck loops for more bungee coverage on the front deck. A paddle leash so the paddle doesn't have to be stored on the boat while you get back onto the boat or are preparing to dive, BC/ tank leash so we could leave the scuba tank and BC in the water while getting on or off the boat. The factory hatch does not allow access to the inside of the hull. We installed a round 6 inch after-market deck hatch in the forward seat area so we could have access to secure dry storage within the hull for safety equipment like signal flares and a hand held marine radio.

Fishing: The boats excellent stability and high, dry ride makes for a comfortable fishing platform. From schedule 40 PVC pipe and fittings I built a removable rocket launcher style fishing rod holder that plugs into the two scupper holes behind the seat. My DIY rod holder, holds four fishing rods and keeps them out of the way when paddling or fishing. It's secured by two bungees stretched between four factory installed deck loops just behind the seat. The extra deck loops and bungee we added to the front deck area makes storing extra gear easy. The tank well isn't wide enough for the standard improvised milk crate storage container and I've not found a really stable way to attach a plastic milk crate behind the seat. A small cooler could probably be fitted to the tank well as a storage container. I use a small 9 quart plastic cooler, strapped down in front of the rod holder but behind my seat for tackle storage. The 6 inch after-market hatch I installed in the front seat/deck area allows me to store a small 12 volt power supply below deck for a fishfinder. The molded in cup holder between your legs is a nice feature. I made a removable mount for my hand held GPS unit from "pool noodle" foam. The mount securely plugs into the molded in cup holder. My GPS and fishfinder are both waterproof so paddle drips are not a problem. I also added deck loops near the bow and stern for an anchor trolley system for use while fishing.

This boat is not a speed demon. It's a bit barge like as kayaks go. The boats natural hull speed (low paddle effort) under our typical load seemed to be about 3.2 miles per hour on flat water (measured by GPS). We were able to maintain 3.8 miles per hour over a distance when we "dug in" a little. It comes standard with a second removable seat for your "sidekick". The hull design has a lot of hull slap (noise) in choppy water and gurgles a bit when paddling flat water. Loaded it floats in about 6 inches of water. The boat turns well. It may not track well for you until you learn a good paddle stroke. Taller paddlers will probably find a comfortable position for the seat. People with wide butts will probably find the cockpit fairly comfortable compared to some of the older Ocean Kayak cockpits. In open water we feel very safe in the Sidekick. It seems to be a very seaworthy "sit on top" kayak.
Suggested Changes: A better quality center hatch would add value to the product. The other things we added to our boats may not be of interest to people who are not fishing or diving from this kayak.

This Ocean Kayak review is by Mexico Novice, who reviewed the Caper model kayak on 01-25-2005. It was given an overall rating of 10, where 1 is low...10 is high.
Comments: I think was the last year when I saw on the internet something about fishing from a Kayak, and I have to tell you I`ve got surprised, then I read more about this new sport and got interested about this Idea - Fishing from a kayak mmmm NICE, so I requested some information about the models, advantage and disadvantage, prices, stability and more, believe me I read a lot of information and when I get here all the fog in my head became Light, all the guys tell me that the OK Caper will be a nice choice for me that never practice this before, and because the price too. The first time I saw the Yak in the store I fall in love with this nice little Yak, and suddenly imagine my self paddling across the flats, the waves feeling the sea`s air in my face,so I got it. The first time I used was afraid about the stability, thought I`ll gone fall, but NO!!! I seat in and like a big boat, a great stability, I start to paddle and I noticed that was a dry ride,good size for me ( 1.78 mts. ) and very ease to paddle, The Caper has a good weight, I can put it in my car and landed all by my self, I weight about 95 kg. and still has a good speed, good Maneuverability, a really good Storage and you can do some surf paddle(moderate).The only thing that don`t like a lot was the tankwell, little small but its ok ( by now ) If a are a guy who want to buy a nice Yak, never do Yak fishing before and want to share with all the fellows this aport and want to spend few bucks, believe me this Kayak will be for you, you will love it!!! Hope this Review give you a little help for all the Novice people who wants get involved on this.
Suggested Changes: I would change the tankwell little small...by the way it has no enough flats surface to put some rod holders or other things

This Ocean Kayak review is by wajdi, who reviewed the Drifter model kayak on 05-30-2004. It was given an overall rating of 9, where 1 is low...10 is high.
Comments: My wife and I got one each. Tank well is a little small, causing us to modify the milk crates we put in. Had to cut a couple inches down the middle and epoxy reinforcements to the bottom. Still had room aft of the crate to bungee in a small ice chest (the 9 quart one from WalMart). Not being members of the narrow assed segment of the population, we decided to make our on seats/backs. Still working on that, but it isn't OK's problem. LOVE the front hatch. Nice and rigid, not like some neoprene ones that can get smashed open by nasty mean waves/breaking surf. The 2004 model is a lot drier ride than the previous years model, which we tested. Has lots of tie-down loops, and a little recessed thingie in the middle that we're going to mount compass in. We're still discussing how we each want different rigging, but that's our problem, not OK's. Stable as standing on the beach. With the addition of a couple of pool noodles about 3 feet long clipped to each side, I can reasonably stand to fly cast from it, except I have an unfortunate tendancy to take a step forward when casting. This has caused me to walk out of more than one boat, not just the Drifter. Again, not OK's fault. I supposed I'll have to train myself to that, but then again, I haven't been able to in over 40 years of fishing. From the width of the thing, you'd expect it to handle like a raft, but it has a surprising glide, and is remarkably easy to paddle. I'm rigging mine with a cloths line pulley anchor system, with a plastic clip from Home Depot so I don't even have to release the anchor if something bad (or good) happens. At 56 lbs and 12 foot 7 inches long, its surprisingly easy for me (50 years old and arthritis in both shoulders to load and unload from our Safari van (top carrier); I just take a short step stool to help out. Carrying handles are well placed to make for a balanced load to tote to the water. Got to give it an A++ for fitting my overly wide butt, but detract a tad for the narrow tank well. It also has lots of flat and semi-flat surfaces for mounting all sorts of things.
Suggested Changes: Not being very experienced with SOTs, I'd like to see some kind of perforated bulkhead behind the front hatch just to keep stuff from sliding back and getting lost, as well as a slightly wider tankwell. But then that would change the dynamics of the whole thing.

This Ocean Kayak review is by Kayacop, who reviewed the Drifter model kayak on 05-19-2004. It was given an overall rating of 10, where 1 is low...10 is high.
Comments: The OK Drifter was my first kayak. I demo'ed the Tarpon 120 and several Pelican products before I bought it. After several trial runs, I rigged it out for saltwater fishing. I can't imaging a more stable fishing platform. I could not be more pleased with my choice. I am average size / weight and can stand up, cast and access the front hatch without any problem.
Suggested Changes: The only change I would suggest would be an increase in the tankwell. I had to fabricate a crate because a standard one would not fit.

This Ocean Kayak review is by camprat, who reviewed the Scupper Pro model kayak on 04-25-2004. It was given an overall rating of 8, where 1 is low...10 is high.
Comments: I am brand new at kayaking and am actively trying to find out the best model for me. I demo'd the Scupper Pro at a local shop on Cape San Blas in the bay. The winds were mild and the boat really handled well. The ride was wet, but it tracked well and was rather fast. It seemed a bit tipsy, but that may have been my lack of experience in handling it. It turned well and was very responsive. The boat was very highly recommended over the prowler, which they didn't have in stock due to the width of the prowler as compared to the scupper. The shop owner was more into touring and not much into fishing. I would like to try to the prowler to compare the rides of the two and see if the extra width changed the handling a lot. I don't think for fishing speed is the most necessary consideration. Any way, it seemed like a good boat, responsive and wet. It didn't have a tankwell that would be a must for me for fishing.
Suggested Changes: Tankwell, for ice chest or bait bucket.

This Ocean Kayak review is by Wingspan, who reviewed the Prowler model kayak on 04-20-2004. It was given an overall rating of 9, where 1 is low...10 is high.
Comments:  I bought the Prowler a couple of months ago and I am quite content. The best things about the kayak are the fact that it is fast. Being a 15 and a half foot kayak, it's great for long voyages. At 28 inches in width, it is perfect; I don't need anymore. Not as stable as a Fish n Dive, but unless you are a total goof, you have more than enough stability. The deck layout is better than any other kayak out there. You can add pad eyes and a bungee system in the middle compartment and securely place a waterproof plano box. The tank well is also extremely well designed. I like how there is separation between the front and back of it. The part directly behind the paddler allows you to store 2 plano tackle boxes or one big tackle box/container of your choice. The second part of the tank well is wide and long allowing for a variety of bait tank shapes. Theres even enough room for an anchor on the end. For those who cannot function without a milk crate, there is ample room for a large one and other gear. The side clips and bungees are very useful for attaching gear and paddles. Simply buy two little plastic hooks and instal in each side. The side clips can also give rise to an anchor system; there's room for creativity. The front hatch is water proof, easy to open, and self draining. Right bellow it as you approach the foot wells, there are three specialized places to mount rod holders and a fish finder. The hull design is sleek and there is virtually no hull slap. The front of the kayak and it's rocker easily allows passage over considerably big waves. The kayak is rudder ready in case you might desire one, but it is not necessary by any means. However, I've seen guys paddling Prowlers with rudders and sail; very cool. The Prowler is a good looking kayak that was specifically designed for fishing. It's a salt water work horse that can carry an exponential amount of gear while still being extremely fast. With a couple of scupper plugs, you have a bone dry ride. I highly recommend it, but I wouldn't get the angler addition because you can only get it in two colors and a stock rigged kayak takes half of the fun out of it. James
Suggested Changes: I would like to see the scupper holes in the foot wells redesigned. The scupper holes in the tank well need to placed in a different location. The back strap is pretty useless unless you want to get really creative. The center hatch should be bigger for better storage capacity. Lastly, I'd like to see Ocean Kayak develop more accessories for this model like custom tackle boxes and bait tanks.

This Ocean Kayak review is by OceanWave, who reviewed the Drifter model kayak on 04-20-2003. It was given an overall rating of 8, where 1 is low...10 is high.
Comments: great ride...very fishable and easy paddling.
Suggested Changes: a larger TW would be helpful as only the smallest of plastic containers fit in space provided. A flat area in the front of the cockpit to mount rod holders and such would be helpful as well.

This Ocean Kayak review is by DennisA, who reviewed the Caper model kayak on 03-19-2003. It was given an overall rating of 9, where 1 is low...10 is high.
Comments: The Caper is a stable kayak with good storage but compact enough to store and transport easily (11 ft. X 30 in., 45 lbs.). It has a large front hatch and a well in the back that I strap my fishing crate onto quite easily.
Suggested Changes: Could have more flat areas on the hull for the installation of rod holders and other gear.
This Ocean Kayak review is by fishinHB, who reviewed the Drifter model kayak on 02-18-2003. It was given an overall rating of 9, where 1 is low...10 is high.
Comments: The Drifter is the perfect yak for the XXL guy or someone who wants great stability and maneuverability. Paddles true and has all the options included, large hatch w/straps, big tankwell with straps, 6 eyelets, 2 carry handles, rear and front pull handles and cup holder too. Stays super dry with scupper holes plugged.
Suggested Changes: Dryer ride without scupper plugs. Other than that this is a superior yak.
This Ocean Kayak review is by socrates_thinks, who reviewed the Scupper Pro TW model kayak on 12-30-2002. It was given an overall rating of 9, where 1 is low...10 is high.
Comments: I chose the Scupper Pro after trying a lot of yaks including the Scrambler, XT, Drifter, Tarpon 16, Tarpon 120, and a Necky Cruiser (two feet shorter than the Dolphin, but the waterline is only a foot shorter. For fishing purposes I really don't think you can beat the Pro. This is a tested design, probably used by more fisherman than all others combined and for good reason. The TW is perfect, but you can certainly make do with the 2 hatch version. The Pro, at 14'9" tours well, and you can even surf a little. The guys in California take the Pro thru lots of surf all the time. It's roomy, with tons of storage thru the large forward hatch. Weighs bout 55 lb, so it's handleable. It's a nice touring width at 26 inches, yet very stable. I do not find it excessively wet like the drifter. Some people say the Pro could track better. I disagree. After much experience with it, if you learn to paddle right, it tracks great. I really would hesitate putting a rudder on it. I do recommend that you get a nice full bodied paddle for the power you will need. A 220 cm is perfect, and not too short for any average male or female. The hatch is not bone dry, but very little water gets it (maybe a cupful over a day). The construction is strong, and you get a reasonable number of fittings. There is plenty of deck space to whatever you want, and the tankwell is perfect for the fisherman. I modified a cooler and added PVC angled rod holders that work fine. All, in all I really didn't think any of the other yaks I tried came close. Nearest in my mind was the Tarpon 120 but it is too small. If they make a 14 footer though in the same style I'd have to look hard at it.
Suggested Changes: None.
This Ocean Kayak review is by Mike Durham, who reviewed the Scupper Pro TW model kayak on 09-21-2002. It was given an overall rating of 9, where 1 is low...10 is high.
Comments: The best fishing kayak for speed and versatility. I made a bait tank that fits into the tankwell, and I am very happy with the package.
Suggested Changes: Rudders standard on them.
This Ocean Kayak review is by Mike Durham, who reviewed the ScramblerXT model kayak on 09-21-2002. It was given an overall rating of 8, where 1 is low...10 is high.
Comments: Good starting kayak. It's at home when fishing and playing the surf. Maybe a little narrow in the seat area for big folks, good for average folks.
Suggested Changes: no changes
This Ocean Kayak review is by Perry, who reviewed the Original Malibu II model kayak on 07-02-2002. It was given an overall rating of 8, where 1 is low...10 is high.
Comments: I really like the kayak for a large one person boat, or a tandem for two people. It's also not unbearable for one person to paddle while a second doesn't for short to medium distances. A nice family type of kayak. Can also serve well as a fishing platform, a diving platform or for hoop netting for lobsters from. A very versatile kayak.
Suggested Changes: The only thing I can think of instead of two foot positions in the center seating, maybe there could have been a few more added.