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This Malibu Kayaks review is by the Ricksconnected, who reviewed X-Factor model kayak on 12-04-06. It was given an overall rating of 10, where 1 is low...10 is high.
Comments: WOW, wow what a kayak this boat is. This is the perfect fishing platform. I'm 6ft 5in tall, 300lbs. Theres way more than enough room for me and all my gear, and still remain a dry ride. The below deck storage is perfect with plenty of room. In addition, the upper deck layout is perfect for mounting fishfinder/rodholders/gps,ect. In the rear theres room to mount a 5gal bucket, or a milk crate. I wouldnt trade this boat for 3 of nothing. It's a little on the heavy side, but thats because malibu uses thicker plastic. I have fished with this boat in rivers,lakes,ponds,and the ocean..perfect. You will need a rudder for those windy days and it's not a fast kayak, but a darn good fishing platform. Get one and get hooked !
Suggested Changes: The only thing i would change is the cup holder needs to be a little deeper.

This Malibu Kayaks review is by the Marcos Medellin, who reviewed Pro Explorer model kayak on 11-27-2006. It was given an overall rating of 9, where 1 is low...10 is high.
Comments: Compre mi Kayak ya hace algunos años en Seal beach y estoy muy agradecido con los muchachos que me atendieron ya que el servicio fue excelente y he tenido unas experiencias increibles, desde pasear en lagos, pescar en el mar, pasear a mis hijos, ver muy de cerca a delfines en el mar, he visto unas casas preciosas en diferentes lugares y he pasado una serie de experiencias maravillosas que si no fuera por mi pro Explorer jamas las habria tenido, referente a la pesca, soy un hombre que me apasiona la pesca, compre mi cayak pensando solo en ese deporte, me encanta pescar en el mar y con mucha frecuencia he anhelado tener algunos amigos latinos que me acompañen a pescar en kayak pero por alguna razon solo encuentro pescadores americanos, yo invito a la gente latina a pescar en kayak ya que es algo fuera de lo normal o lo comun, acabo de instalar un fish finder a mi kayak y funciona muy bien, siempre uso 2 cañas de pescar y un bait tank es super divertido, es una aventura que muchos ni siquiera han imaginado, haces un poco de ejercicio casi sin darte cuenta y en fin el Pro Explorer que tengo no lo vendo por nada, primero porque ya tengo como 5 años con el y sigue como nuevo, en segundo porque me encanta su espacio, su estabilidad y su color ya que es muy visible y su facil manejo.
Translation into English:
Beach has already been buying my Kayak for some years in Seal and very is thanked for with the boys who took care of to me since the service was excellent and I have had incredible experiences, from taking a walk in lakes, to fish in the sea, to take a walk to my children, to see close by very dolphins in the sea, I have seen precious houses in different places and have passed a series of wonderful experiences that if not outside by my pro Explorer jamas habria had, referring to the fishing, I am a man who gets passionate the fishing to me, buys single my cayak thinking about that sport, it enchants to me to fish in the sea and very frequently I have yearned for to have some Latin friends who accompany to me to fish in kayak but for some single reason encounter fishing American, I I invite Latin people to fish in kayak since he is something outside normal or the common thing, I finish installing fish to finder to my kayak and works very well, always use 2 canes to fish and bait tank super is amused, is an adventure that many not even have imagined, beams a little exercise almost without darte counts and in aim the Pro Explorer that I have not Wendish it by anything, first because I already have as 5 years with and it follows like new, in second because it enchants his space, its stability and its color to me since he is very visible and its facil handling.
Suggested Changes: Hay algo que me gustaria cambiar en mi kayak, y esto es que de verdad me gustaria tener un fondo de mica o de cristal o algo transparente aunque sea algo pequeño donde pudiera ver el fondo a travez de mi cayak, eso seria increible ya que en ocaciones hay lugares no muy profundos donde pudiera observar el fondo del mar o de algun lago, asi que hago esta sugerencia ojala algun dia pueda esto ser posible.
Translation into English:
There is something gustaria to change in my kayak to me, and this is that really gustaria me to have a bottom of mica or crystal or something it is transparent although is something small where cayak could see the bottom travez of my, that serious incredible since in ocaciones there are places not very deep where it could observe the bottom of the sea or algun lake, asi that I make this suggestion ojala algun day can this possible being.

This Malibu Kayaks review is by the fugitive, who reviewed Pro Explorer model kayak on 07-13-2004. It was given an overall rating of 9, where 1 is low...10 is high.
Comments: I've had my explorer for about a year now, and still have my little Ocean Kayak frenzy that I bought back in 1994 right after the Northridge earthquake, figured the ocean was a little steadier than the land. I fished the Frenzy for several years, so I pretty well knew what I wanted in a kayak when the "big bucks" were ready to be shelled out. The toss-up was the Cobra F&D and The Malibu Pro Explorer. What sold me was the MONDO-SIZE front hatch. Four rods with reels, sea anchor, dry bag, 12-volt gel cell fit with no problem, could probably have thrown a couple of wet medium sized dogs in as well with room to spare. The price tag carried the day. Both kayaks are excellent fishing platforms, NO single kayak is going to answer ALL your demands. If a kayak has a weak area.....become a better kayaker. I've rigged my Explorer with a fish finder (hummingbird), two extra rod holders (total of four), trolling motor (hey....I'm 55 years old) 12-volt 125Ah lead acid battery and 5 gallon custom bait tank. A pretty heavy load, but it handles it with no sweat (plenty of sweat on me though.) As stable if not more so than any other kayak I've tried, and would buy the same kayak if the need came up. The market is so competitive that it would hard to buy junk. What I often hear, and agree with is "try before you buy".
Suggested Changes: No kayak has everything that you need, (that's half the fun, tweaking things on the Yak to make it "YOURS"). Would dearly love a place to put the center hatch cover so I don't drop the !!$@&**% thing over the side when things get crazy when we have "fish-on"!!!

This Malibu Kayaks review is by jim2115, who reviewed the Extreme model kayak on 06-29-2004. It was given an overall rating of 9, where 1 is low...10 is high.
Comments: I have had my Extreme for several months now. I love it. This boat, even loaded with all my rigging is stable, and fast. I average about 3.5 to 4.0 miles per hour. With the rudder, which I recommend, it is very maneuverable. Even at 15.0' long. I live in the Reno/Tahoe area and spend most of my time on Lake Tahoe, Donner Lake and surrounding smaller lakes. Tahoe can get very rough and windy and this kayak always handles well. I frequently have waves breaking over the bow. And as long as the forward hatch is secured tight the boat stays very dry inside. I have it rigged with the factory live well, a Garmin GPS, Eagle Fish Easy II fish finder, rod holders, a milk crate gear holder, and an anchor that can slide from bow to stern. A must for fishing on windy mountain lakes. Have it rigged with two 12v batteries mounted in aft part of forward hatch for fish finder and live well. See the pictures that will be posted here in the rigging section soon. The Kayak is a little heavy getting it in and out of the water and on my truck, but a pure joy on the water. Always draws a crowd when launching and returning to the beach. More than happy to answer questions. Thanks to everyone else on the net that have shared their ideas for rigging, etc. I am now a dedicated "Yak" fisherman. Jim G. Eagle2115@aol.com
Suggested Changes: Better seal on the forward hatch. Maybe a place to mount my satellite phone. And a porta potty would be nice. :)

fishntim reviewed the Malibu brand, pro explorer model kayak on 05-09-2004. It was given an overall rating of 10, where 1 is low...10 is high.
Comments:  I did a lot of research and a lot of test drives in search of a good fishing kayak. Then one day I found Malibu Kayaks Pro Explorer. The Hatches are huge and very easy to access. The rear tank well is large and provides plenty of storage. The ride was extremely dry and stable. I wanted to test the overall stability, so I crawled up to the very tip of the kayak and sat with the front handle between my legs and my feet in the water and I felt perfectly safe. I am not an expert paddler, but the Pro Explorer makes me feel like I have been kayaking for years!
Suggested Changes: 

This Malibu Kayaks review is by GBF.....Halibut Hunter, who reviewed the eXtreme model kayak on 04-07-2004. It was given an overall rating of 9, where 1 is low...10 is high.
Comments: I had the opportunity to try the eXtreme and I was very impressed. I am very new to kayak fishing and I am a big guy and my choices are some what limited. The eXtreme was very easy to paddle and moved well in the water. The layout of the boat is exceptional with plenty of room for on deck accessories. I paddled out and turned my body completely around to see how easy it would be to access the bait tank and rear storage area. The boat was stable as a rock. I turned sideways and tried to see how far I could tip it and the boat would have no part of it. I paddled beside and through some 1-2ft swells and some rather large boat wakes and I was very impressed with the stability. It is also pleasing to the eye. It is a big boat and its going to take some time to get used to it but, it think overall it's worth it. To me as a novice, this boat has the best of all three worlds, stability, speed and a great layout. After trying 4 of the big guy boats on the market, I think it's one of the better boats on the water.
Suggested Changes: 

This Malibu Kayaks review is by PerryC, who reviewed the Pro Explorer model kayak on 01-27-2004. It was given an overall rating of 9, where 1 is low...10 is high.
Comments: I am happy to say I am really impressed with the kayak. I got it for use inshore in lakes, bays and other slow moving water. You could take it offshore with others, but I think something a little longer would be better suited for that, and preferably with a rudder attached. On the plus side would have to be the color first off. I got a mango color, and they have since added a lime color to their kayaks. I think the brighter colors help other boaters see you sooner if they are scanning the horizon or paying attention to where they are going like they should be. The front hatch is huge, theres not alot to say other than that. It is removable and a pet can sit in the opening and take a paddle with you. The front deck area is ample and begs to have an accessory bar and accessories mounted to it. The center console is ample and has alot of room for mounting fish finders, compasses, pliar sheaths and such. There is a hatch right in front of the paddle position which opens up to allow below deck access quickly. The seat is wider than some kayaks letting those who are a little larger than most paddle in comfort. The seat is recessed which some find uncomfortable, but I always use a 1" pad beneath me to reduce my legs-feet falling asleep, and I didn't notice any discomfort even under extended periods. The rear rod holders are properly angled so the rods don't interfere with your paddling strokes which is nice. The tankwell has a built in recess for a 5gal bucket and carefully placed scupper holes that beg for a live bait tank to be rigged up. During paddling, there is a bit of hull slap due to the design of the hull. Some may find it a major point of contention, but designs like this supply alot of initial stability for new paddlers to feel comfortable on, where designs that offer more secondary stability often feel "Tipsy" especially to newer paddlers. I personally feel that the small tradeoff of some hull slap is far outweighed by the numbers of newer paddlers who benefit from the increased initial stability. The workmanship of the kayak is good, and the plastic is ample.
Suggested Changes:  None

This Malibu Kayaks review is by Jon, who reviewed the Pro Explorer model kayak on 06-27-2003. It was given an overall rating of 10, where 1 is low...10 is high.
Comments: This is the perfect fishing kayak. I have tried Oceans, Cobra, Wilderness etc. This one is the best of the best. Huge storage hatch in front, tankwell for bait tank in back. Factory rod holders makes a serious fishing kayak. The plastic is thick and will last a long time, and the workmanship is very good.
Suggested Changes: none

This Malibu Kayaks review is by Robert, who reviewed the Pro Explorer model kayak on 01-05-2003. It was given an overall rating of 10, where 1 is low...10 is high.
Comments: I was looking for a fishing kayak. I am 6'1 250 lbs. I decided to chose one with stability rather than speed. I tried several and then I found the Pro Explorer by Competition Kayaks (now called Malibu Kayaks). 30 seconds after I started paddling the Pro Explorer I knew I was going to buy one. The kayak is extremely stable. It extremely comfortable. I opted for the best high back seat that Malibu Ocean Sports had available with the inflatable lumbar support. I chose the fully equipped model with the huge 38" front hatch and a 9"x12" rectangular hatch between your legs.I can fit a bundle of 7' rods in the front hatch with no problem. 8' rods will also fit in the front hatch with ease as well. The rectangular hatch is very handy. No need to slide up to the bow to get to your lunch. The ride is as dry as a bone. You don't sit in any water at all. This is not a fast kayak, but it is not meant to be.It is however an extremely stable fishing platform. It comes well equipped with seat,paddle,large front and rectangular hatchs,thigh straps,2 installed flushmount rod holders, and 2 dive straps for $699. Don't be fooled by this price. The quality is as good as Ocean Kayak or Cobra. It also comes with a lifetime warranty. It is made in Orange County California. I love this kayak, and would recommend it to anybody. Robert
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