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This cobra kayaks review by Peter. He reviewed the Marauder-XF model kayak on 08-14-2007. It was given an overall rating of 10, where 1 is low...10 is high.
Comments: After trying many models of sit on top kayaks by other manufacturers this is by far the best one for me. After trying other brands of 13 and 15 foot kayaks, some were too small or too large and awkward. Others had too much hull slap and would plow through the water. The Marauder-XF fits me just right. It paddles fast and can carry my fishing tackle and extras easy. It handles calm and rough water better than expected and is fun to paddle. There is plenty of surfaces to mount accessories and comes with alot of rod holders already installed. A jewel in the rough.
Suggested Changes: None

This cobra kayaks review by Yakfish. He reviewed the Marauder XF model kayak on 10-24-2006. It was given an overall rating of 8, where 1 is low...10 is high.
Comments: After trying OK Big Game, OK Prowler 13, Hobbie Outback,Cobra Navigator, Cobra Explorer, Malibu x-factor & liquid logic mantaray, I decided on the Cobra Marauder XF. All were stable and have nice features. My other final choices were the OK Big Game but was a log (nice features) and L Logic M Ray didn't have a large center hatch and wasn't as stable (also nice other features). If you are 6' tall or shorter with narrow feet and looking for a light, fast and stable all around yak, you may want to test ride the marauder. I fish the S.Calif. bays and coastal waters and it handles great in the surf and swells with minimal wave slap.I had a lot of people try my yak and they were impressed with the speed, stability and tracking. I'm a Composite design engineer and I see a lot of things they could have done better. There's a lot of wastedspace that are not properly utilized or not much thought were put into it, but I still love this yak. I still think it's one of the best out there for me.
Suggested Changes: 1. Use adj foot rest (flat floor and wider see OC B game). 2. Behind seat rod holders should be able to be placed another 2" back. Don't have the factory install this, position this youself so it's pointing towards the back out of the way on full paddle. 3. Tank well should have been flat and rectangular to accomodate other bait tank designs. See other yaks. 4. Handles should have been designed similar to Liquid logic Manta Ray or recessed fixed side handles. Handling it alone is like wrestling with a gator when trying to hang it in the garage. 5. Nit-pick; Could use cup holders (see other yaks)or use a swinging type cup holder.

This cobra kayaks review by Didge. He reviewed the FISH N DIVE model kayak on 06-03-2004. It was given an overall rating of 10, where 1 is low...10 is high.
Comments: Like a mini Boston Whaler! I actually need to add more gear to make it sit right in the water. You can virtually do a handstand in this kayak it's SO stable. I've only had mine out twice and I've fished standing up, sitting sideways, sitting in the jumpseat and even sitting in the empty tankwell. Launched through 1-3' surf both times and stayed COMPLETELY dry. I'm 5'10"/185. It's not for racing, but for fishing...It should be called "Ultimate solo-sportfisher"!
Suggested Changes: The only thing I can think of is that the footrests are a little awkward. Other than adding a built-in livewell it's pretty much perfection to me!

This cobra kayaks review by BubbaRayDudley. He reviewed the Fish N Dive model kayak on 03-31-2004. It was given an overall rating of 8, where 1 is low...10 is high.
Comments: First off I am a bigger guy and this boat has lots of room for me, my beer and my tackle. The cockpit is roomy and the boat is a frigging caddy! I really like the high dry and stable ride. However, her width does cause her to be somewhat sluggish and slow when the wind or current kicks up. I wish she was a little narrower and a little longer. 33" wide X 14' Long sounds about right.. Anyway's that's my .02
Suggested Changes: 

This cobra kayaks review by Nstar, on the Fish and Dive model kayak on 03-29-2004. It was given an overall rating of 9, where 1 is low...10 is high.
Comments: Great yak for fishing. I've had mine for a year now and added trolling motor and fishfinder. I'm 5'8" 240 and very comfortable fishing for up to 6 hours. Yak is very stable and I have even fished sitting sideways. I would recommend this yak to anyone who wants to fish. It has a huge storage space both inside and behind paddler as mine has both forward round hatch and large rectangle middle hatch. I only use the paddle to launch and then troll with the battery operated trolling motor lasts up to 8 hours. I have a small 7amp battery located in forward circle compartment for just the fishfinder.
Suggested Changes: Could be better with a rudder system to help in tracking. Not a touring yak.

This cobra kayaks review by ConanT. He reviewed the FishNDive model kayak on 03-09-2004. It was given an overall rating of 9, where 1 is low...10 is high.
Comments: The FND is almost perfect for Kayak fishing. I have rigged with 12Gal. bait tank(complete with car battery), Fishfinder, numerous pole holders and still have room to spare. I feel extremely stable and relaxed when fishing, and even turning completely around to adjust baittank or throw out sardines/anchovies for chum. The large center hatch is awesome for retrieving extra poles or large dry bags. I have owned for a year now and I'm wore out hearing the speed vs stability argument. I am only 5'8, 165lbs, and if I can paddle it around with a 12 gallon mini bait barge sitting behind me, then I have no idea what the complaint is. Obviously it is a workout, but that's why we kayak fish and not buy skiffs or Powerboats. When deciding for yourself what to buy, ask what is important to YOU (speed or stability) not what a this post says or an 'expert' (who wants to sell a kayak and won't be out there on the water with you). This is just my opinion of MY FND, so ask other FND owners and other brands before laying out the green.
Suggested Changes: I would like to see larger footwells (this is a standard complaint for the FND), the current wells are very narrow and can catch the heels of your booties. And there is no good area for above deck tackle storage. Everyone solves this by mounting milk crates in the 'jumper' seat area, but that is out of convenient arms reach.

This cobra kayaks review by Kenny. He reviewed the Navigator model kayak on 02-03-2004. It was given an overall rating of 9, where 1 is low...10 is high.
Comments: This is my first Kayak so my review may be biased... I looked at the Malibu, Ocean Kayak, and Cobra Kayaks...Just sitting on the Kayaks in the Showroom I felt more comfortable sitting in the Navigator...I liked the way the front of the kayak entry flared like a boat to keep it on track and the spray away from you like most boats are designed...I also like that the widest part of the kayak was at the waterline for stability...The bottom is a little different, round in the middle and a flat portion on both sides....I think this would help with the glide and the tracking (my opinion)...I think that this kayak will ge great for the smaller shorter kayaker, someone that is 5' 9" or tall should look to the Cobra Fish and Dive...My reason for this is on the Fish and Dive I can't straddle it and hang my legs over the sides because being small at 5' 6" my legs are too short...The navigator is 31" wide instead of 36" and the shorter kayaker will feel more comfortable and it will be very stable...
Suggested Changes: I would like to see the area right in front of the seat have a little bigger flat area so you can put a bigger square hatch instead of the 10" round one to give you more access below....

This cobra kayaks review by MadMatt. He reviewed the FishandDive model kayak on 09-23-2002. It was given an overall rating of 9, where 1 is low...10 is high.
Comments: A very stable yak great for fishing.
Suggested Changes: 

This cobra kayaks review by Mike Durham. He reviewed the Explorer model kayak on 09-21-2002. It was given an overall rating of 7, where 1 is low...10 is high.
Comments: Very good kayak for smaller adults and children. It is also light, so putting it on top of your car is easy. Good for fishing or playing in the water with.
Suggested Changes: Large hatch in the front standard. More leg room would be nice.