Steven Sez: Aloha, I notice there are not many ladies in the gallery. This is a pic of my wife Cindy's latest Mahi Mahi. She caught it along the Kona coast, while trolling a dead mackerel scad, 26 lbs. Mahalo Steven H.

Cindy and Steven Heusser offer Video's and DVD's of their fishing adventures off Hawaii and the Kona Coast. They can be found on the internet at Screamn Reel Videos. Steven also guides kayak anglers who want to catch big fish from kayaks in Hawaii.

kayak fishing mahi-mahi photo
NOTE: What a beautiful looking fish!! Also called Dorado, DoDo's, or Dolphin these are some of the more colorful fish to catch off a kayak. They are taken from around Hawaii as pictured, and down in Baja,MX. When they are biting, you can catch them of just about anything. Dorado are also very acrobatic fish when hooked