These "Maui Jim " sunglasses may be familiar to some of you, or the name may have familiar ring to it. Maui Jim sunglasses are some of the "Top Shelf" sunglasses to be worn while kayak fishing, fly fishing or any type of fishing for that matter. Since we started wearing them with outstanding results, they are our first choice and main pair of sunglasses we wear while fishing or participating in any outdoor activity.
Maui Jim Sunglasses

These pair of Maui Jim's are the Voyager model, and they fit me like better than any other sunglasses I have tried. Named after Captain James Cook who happened upon the Hawaiian islands during his third voyage in 1778, they are sure to be a hit with you also. They feature a great classic style for guys with lots of coverage, a 6-base frame, can be modified to accommodate single vision prescriptions, and the Voyager now has the added advantage of spring hinges. Maui Jim Sunglasses also provide 100% UV blockage up to 400nm and are blue light and infrared effective, saltwater safe and meet or exceed drop ball and transmittance standards.

Maui Jim also offers many frame shapes to fit different face shapes. They have frame styles to fit Oblong, Oval, Triangular, Round, Square, Large Features and Small Featured face shapes. They also come in three different lens colors so you can pick the best for your lifestyle and needs.

Lens Colors: Neutral Grey offers the highest available glare reduction. It's suitable for all light conditions, especially bright, direct sunlight. BEST FOR: Most outdoor activities. BENEFIT: Darkest of the three lenses available. Offers true color perception. PREFERRED BY: Anglers, boaters, and those demanding maximum glare reduction and/or accurate color vision.
HCL Bronze Maui Jim Sunglasses come in HCL Bronze (High contrast lens) for enhanced contrast on hazy, overcast or foggy days. The HCL Bronze is a nice subtle hue for everyday wear. BEST FOR: Outdoor activities like snow and water skiing. BENEFIT: Increase contrast. PREFERRED BY: General sunglass wearers and outdoor enthusiasts, as well as those who prefer a subtle bronze hue for everyday wear.
Maui Rose Not just for the optimist… Maui Rose lenses offer the sharpest contrast and image resolution. BEST FOR: Fast action activities, low light conditions, and those who prefer a subtle rose hue for everyday wear. BENEFIT: Increased contrast depth perception and quick differentiation of shapes and shades. PREFERRED BY: Skiers, golfers, and anyone who demands high-performance vision in all light and weather conditions.

Now you have some of the technical details about Maui Jim Sunglasses, but what the real world performance of their products? FANTASTIC in my opinion is all I can say. I've owned many brands of sunglasses, and dollar for dollar, these are the best in my opinion. These are my primary pair of glasses, but I always take an inexpensive backup pair of sunglasses with me on my trips. Considering how much time we spend outdoors on the water, and the glare that comes off it, top quality sunglasses should be tops on your list of quality products to use. Not only should we protect our eyes from UV rays, but physical harm as well. For additional information, please visit Maui Jim Sunglasses website. PerryC