Often, we are first fishermen before we try fishing from a kayak at all. I think alot of us come from the party boat scene and want something more affordable, and want to fish when we're not elbow to elbow dodging tangles and other anglers at the same time. Using a kayak is just another mode of transportation.
Abu Garcia C4 5600 reel

Abu Garcia fishing reels have been around longer than some of us were born. They have been around since the early Fifties and with good reason. They are well made, and don't break the bank when buying one or several. In their price range, they are some of the best reels money will buy. I think Shimano made the Corsair series to be in the ball park, but between the two for a 10 or 12 LB setup, I'd have to go with the Abu-Garcia. I love my Calcuttas for inshore fishing using 15-20 LB line, but for an economical 10 LB setup when I'd not going to be needing the absolute maximum casting distance, I prefer the Abu Garcia.

Alot of us use the "Drop-N-Drag" method of fishing in the bays and harbors, and the Abu's perform admirably. We cast out, and let our offering sit on the bottom, and keep the reel in free spool. We use the current to drift and let line run out as we go. We drift and let about half a spool run out, then start bringing the line in slowly. Because were using the current to take line out, we don't need to cast any far distances. Letting that much line out keeps your bait near the bottom when retrieving, and for the species we fish for, we find this works well.

With proper care, these reels can last a long time. No matter the quality, if you use anything in saltwater without cleaning it, sooner or later the saltwater will kill it. I rinse it off after every trip and take the side plates off mine after every trip and clean/lube what needs it. With 3 Ball Bearings+1 Roller Bearing the free spool ain't bad,LOL. It carries about 200 yards of 12 LB test so you have enough line to stop most fish. I use 10 or 12 LB line on mine and really like it. Some fellow yakkers carry them for inexpensive backups in a dry bag. Happy paddling... PerryC