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Old 09-29-2017, 10:04 AM
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Default Newbi to Kayaking and have a few quesions on a build I'm wanting to strart.

I've been recently interested in building a Kayak like a custom Kayak. I've liked fishing a lot but I would want to build a Kayak that can fit my needs and wants of whenever I go fishing in Rivers (Not fast moving Rivers), Springs, Small Ponds, and semi big lakes here in Florida. I've had a couple ideas in mind but I know I won't be able to start the build for a while, but was wanting to ask you guys and see what y'all think with my ideas and if y'all could help me with finding the right stuff I would need to be able to fulfill my ideas. Anyways now onto the subject lol. What I'm wanting to do is basically build a Custom Single Person Kayak for going fishing in places like I said above. So first thing I'm wanting to do is to find a Good Kayak maybe for 1 grand or 1500 at most that has plenty of storage in the back. I'm also wanting to see if I can fit a 4hp outboard engine. (Not sure which one to get) And I'm assuming I can go about 10 or so mph with a 4hp outboard motor. Now another thing I'm wanting to do is to set up some sort of trolling motor where the pedal for it would be inside where I would sit, or if a pedaling set-up would be better. Or would I just be better off having a paddle set-up. If I go with a paddle set-up along with the engine. I'll have a bracket holder on the right side of the Kayak for the Paddle. I'm also wanting to do a custom live well. Mainly for just keeping track of how many fish I catch, or if I want to keep some trout for later or whatever other fish I catch. Along with maybe a small cooler set-up in the back to store food and some water for a day out on the water. (If possible) depending on what Kayak you guys could suggest me to be able to do a cooler & live well on the back of the Kayak, and in the front possibly a tackle storage in the front and to be able to store a few other things as well. And the last thing I'm wanting to see about for the Kayak is what would be a Good fish finder to put on the side of the Kayak? If you guys can help me with most of those questions that would be great. I know it's long but like I said before I'm a newbi to building Kayaks and had quite a few questions to ask. Again if not all but most of my questions could be answered that would be great and really appreciated. Thanks, and have a great day.
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Old 06-12-2018, 12:45 AM
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Default Re: Newbi to Kayaking and have a few quesions on a build I'm wanting to strart.
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