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Default 2011 Unofficial Tournament Trail Teams

Here are the rules and format for the 2011 OEX Unofficial Tournament Trail Team Competition.
Last year there was something like 5 or 6 teams that signed up and competed in the 2010 Unofficial Tournament Trail Team Competition. Hopefully there will be more participation in 2011 with 3 events.
Rules are basically the same as last year with the one change so far being that the one time entry fee has been raised from $25 per person to $40 per person.
There are no special requirements to compete. You don't have to be sponsored to enter, this is open to all that wish to compete as a team. Finding a team mate is up to you, not OEX or myself.

The rules are as follows:

This is and will continue to be a fun add-on to the OEX tournament trail season, but is not managed by OEX. Any Questions or concerns regarding this "unofficial" add-on should be directed to Brian Sanner (LEGEND KILLER), not to OEX or the moderators of this board.

This add-on to the trail season gives those that enter a little more incentive to fish harder and has always seemed to make it a little more interesting and fun.

Basic format and Rules:

1) Entry Fee:
The entry for this add-on to the trail season is $40 per person,...........$80 per team total. This is a one time fee and is good for all 3 events of the 2011 OEX Tournament trail season.

2) Teams: This year will again be 2 man teams ( or man and woman,.............however it works out). Choose your team mate wisely!!

3) Alternates: Just like this past season, there will be no alternates allowed. The person you team up with is the person you fish with as a partner for all 5 events of the season. With 2 man teams, allowing alternates makes it a different team and not fair to all involved. If a team member cannot make a event, that team fishes one man down.

4) You don't have to be sponsored to put up a team and enter into this "Unofficial" side bet, it is open to all.

5) Payout:
Is at the end of the last event and goes to the top 3 teams for the season ( 1st Place is 50%, 2nd Place is 30%, 3rd Place is 20%). Amounts for 1st through 3rd will be based upon how many teams sign up and pay up.

6) Scoring: Each team member will be scored in accordance to their finish at every event and added together for a combined team score. (Same as this past season).

7) Breaking Ties: Pending on the accuracy of the information I receive, in case of a tie, the angler with the larger "kicker" fish will be awarded the higher place finish than the other and so forth and so on.

8) DNW: In the event that several anglers get a DNW (DID NOT WEIGH), then all anglers with a DNW get zero points for the day.

9) Payment of entry fees: All teams need to have their $40 per person (cash money) entry fee turned into me the morning of the first tournament (Mission Bay). I will be constantly reminding everyone who has signed up to have their money the morning of the first tournament. No honey ( meaning, no late payments). All payments received are refunds.

10) Website check in ( roll call): All teams will be required to post up prior to the first tournament,........ no later than 7 P.M. the night before!!! This way I can put together a final team angler list and make my rounds in the a.m. to collect entry fees.
Website check in must have a team name and the names of both its members. Names in conjunction with your board names are acceptable. (Board names as an only means of identification is not). After this first initial website check in, there will be no need to check in prior to the other events.

11) I, Brian Sanner (LEGEND KILLER), reserve the right to make changes or amend these rules in order to solve any discrepancies or problems that may arise before or during the season.

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