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Old 05-06-2007, 12:23 PM
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Default Oso Lake - fishing with the Boy Scouts

I, along with one other adult leader, took 12 Boy Scouts and 2 dads to Oso Lake fishing this past weekend. Plan was to fish Sunday as well but the 30+ MPH winds this morning changed that plan.

We spent Friday evening reviewing bass rigging, knots, water safety, etc... and launched the boats at 6:30am Saturday for the early bite.

The lake and fish are in great shape. The water level is down but that has made more shoreline accessible for fishing, good for the kids:

We started out in row boats, which proved to be entertaining at times, but most of the kids were dialed in and started catching fish

A total of 134 bass & 1 catfish were caught for the group. The same kid, who caught the cat, lost a HUGE cat fish (20-25lbs maybe) fishing right next to me!

Here's the smaller cat caught:

I caught a few over 3lbs including the folllowing which went 4.9 on the scale

One of the boys and I walked the shoreline in the afternoon and caught 50 (we stopped at that number to get back for dinner) bass in 2 hours.

If anyone is in So Cal and involved with Cub and/or Boy Scouts is looking for a great day and/or weekend fishing trip, Oso is the place to be!

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