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Old 06-17-2008, 02:00 PM
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Default Malibu Article

What makes Malibu Kayaks the ultimate fishing machines? First and foremost they are designed for fishing and diving by fishermen and divers. No need for aftermarket mounting systems for your electronics, or awkward above deck rodholders. Malibu Kayaks are designed with areas to mount electronics and flushmount rodholders cleanly and out of the way.

Need livebait? Don’t worry about jerry-rigging a cooler or dragging a bait sled, all 3 Malibu Kayaks fishing models (Pro-Explorer, X-Factor and extreme) come with pre-molded bucket tank storage areas in the rear tank wells which fit any standard 5 gallon bucket. Our bucket tank kits include all plumbing and wiring for a slick bait system with intake and outflow straight through the scupper holes.
For an even cleaner system we offer a bait tank which fits in the rear hatch of the X-Factor and eXtreme with plumbing that runs through the same scupper holes.

How about the pure numbers, weight capacity and storage? The X-Factor boasts an amazing 600lbs of weight capacity while the eXtreme comes in with 525 and the Pro-Explorer a respectable 450lbs. If you plan on utilizing a bait tank system and taking advantage of the huge storage areas of Malibu Kayaks, or maybe you play left guard for the Dallas Cowboys, weight capacity is a big factor and Malibu Kayaks hulls are designed to bare the load while keeping you as dry as possible.
You’d be hard pressed to find a kayak with more storage than the Malibu X-Factor and eXtreme. Sporting an enormous front hatch and two rectangular hatches for additional storage, you may find yourself bringing less tackle on a sportfisher than your kayak. Add the bungee storage in the rear tankwell and you’ve got plenty of room for a dry bag with extra clothes, tackle boxes, lunch, water, a backup paddle, first aid kit, or any number of accessories. You can even fit your rods in the front hatch for launching and landing in the surf, which is a must for places like La Jolla Shores. Don’t be afraid to bring your 8 and 9ft. jigsticks, they’ll slide all the way in. Kitchen sink storage is still in development.

Whether you’re a salty kayak fishing pro, or the only paddle you’ve operated is sitting on the ping pong table at the rec center don’t hesitate to stop by our La Jolla store for a quick rental and experience how easy and safe Malibu Kayaks are in the water. And the best part- we’ll credit your rental toward a kayak purchase! You’ll be amazed with the stability of each fishing model. The eXtreme’s speed is only matched by its stability, the Pro-Explorer is so easy to handle and stable it’s great for beginners and the X-Factor is so stable you can literally stand up on it!

Best of all, each Malibu Kayak comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty and is made with extra durable heavy duty plastic. Just push on the side of a Malibu Kayak and feel how solid they are. You won’t find much give in that plastic which is peace of mind when (not if) that 50lb yellowtail is screaming your drag in a flushmount rodholder.
Still not enough for ya? There is also an unbelievable array of custom work that can be done to your Malibu. Bow and Stern running lights, backlit flushmount compasses, bait tanks on timer switches, rudder kits, gps, fishfinders, electric trolling motors and more flushmount rodholders than you can shake a stick at are just a sampling of the endless possibilities once you get serious about fishing out of a Malibu Kayak.
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Old 10-02-2011, 04:45 PM
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Default Re: Malibu Article

got an address for the La Jolla Store?
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Old 10-22-2011, 05:35 PM
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Default Re: Malibu Article

Thanks a lot for sharing such a detailed article on Malibu Kayaks, well done great posting.....
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