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Old 06-11-2006, 07:16 PM
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Default Big Bear Lake 2006

For the past few years, myself and a group of friends get together and take a few days off and hit Big bear Lake, California for a little fishing and lot of R&R. Sometimes more fishing, sometimes more R&R. We usually have community meals with everyone pitching in food and beverages, and there is always plenty to got around because everyone who goes brings enough to share.

Heres a shot of Jengwei and one of their pooches relaxing:

Heres a photo of Bob, Jackie and Jengwei's husband Drew.

We had a bar setup on the end of a table for cool waters, cokes, brews, rums the infamous bloody mary mixes. Here Scott is making a Bloody Mary to check the quality of the mixes to make sure they are allright for the rest of us .

We started getting ready for the seafood boil with a few key ingredients. We don't have a definate tally, but we figure we had close to 6 lbs of King Crab Legs, 4 lbs of mussels, 3 lbs of shrimp, 1 lb of clams, a pound of Kielbasa for flavor, a pound or so of sweet corn and a pound of red potatoes.

Heres a few of the ingredients:

And heres the mystery chef Bob himself incogneto:

Because of the quantity of ingredients we brought, we had to have 2 boils to cook it all. This is a shot of the first boil.

Heres a photo of the first boil hitting the table:

Talk about some "Good Eats"...We had alot of shrimp leftover, so Drew stepped up to the plate and prepared them for some scrambled egg and shrimp burritos for Sundays breakfast

The second boil to hit the paper:

Saturday morning, we got up and most of us headed out for some fishing. We have been hitting the bass pretty good from Northern California to the San Diego Bay, so we just brought out shore fishing gear for some fun. The trout were rolling on the surface throughout the day, and we were deeper down, but the peeps fishing for carp were doing very well. We thought of moving to the dam and using float rigs with the wind at our backs, but being Saturday the parking by the dam was full up with not a spot to be had. I went to the BBMWD where the Carp Roundup was taking place and saw what a 23lb carp looks like, as a young girl shot it with a bow the day before the roundup got started.

Back at camp, none of us could look at a piece of seafood, so we decided to have a few tri-tip steaks that Scott brought and would cook for us. We had a 3 green salad with italian dressing and crumbled gorgonzola cheese to get us started. After lighting up the Weber BBQ, we were ready to rock-n-roll on another meal. After cooking and carving, to say we were Happy Campers would be an understatement. TRi Tip steak, corn, garlic bread, beans w/jalepenos and cut up watermelon chunks rounded out the grub.

The Tri-Tip meal:

Sunday morning saw us having the shrimp breakfast burritos we put together, and getting ready to go.

Here is a shot of See No Evil, Say No Evil and Hear No Evil:

All in all, I think everyone had a good time

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Old 06-11-2006, 08:02 PM
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Default Re: Big Bear Lake 2006

As usual the trip was a huge success! Great friends, great surroundings, great drinks, and some of the best food on planet earth! The fishing was slow, but I don't think it mattered one bit. Everyone was too busy having a good time to care. The weather was as good as it gets. I can't wait to do it again!
Here are a few pics.


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Old 06-11-2006, 08:03 PM
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Default Re: Big Bear Lake 2006


Thanks for the invite to the Big Bear feast & fishing 2006. Jackie & I had a great time. The food, company and weather were outstanding.

Thought I'd add a couple pictures to your thread.

Here's a shot of you, Scott, Robert & Steve.

Perry with the first course.

Happy group of campers.

Saturday's feast, tritip, garlic bread, corn on the cob, beans & salad

I think this picture kind of sums up the whole weekend.

Heck of a good time!!!!
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Old 06-11-2006, 09:31 PM
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Default Re: Big Bear Lake 2006

Dang, looks like a good time!!

Perry, I pulled the trigger last week and bought this thang:

Well Craft 18 foot Fisherman

Should be ready from the dealer this week!!! Anyone know how to backup a trailer

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Old 06-12-2006, 07:07 PM
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Default Re: Big Bear Lake 2006

Man , it just could not have been any better.Great people,outragiously good food,liquor. Did I say liquor ? Well , I didn't drink much , but the other guys did. Ha Ha Ha ! What wasn't to be had.Killer bloody mary's,wine,beer,rum , the kitchen sink. The weather was perfect , man what a time. Scott Shaw
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Old 06-13-2006, 07:12 AM
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Default Re: Big Bear Lake 2006

It was great seeing you again! It seems like we always have lots of laughs and good food when we get together. Take it easy Bro. See you again in December.

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