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Old 08-02-2006, 07:38 PM
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Default Sierra Kayaking Report July 24-30

Hey Perry, Where the hell do I know you from? Were we in a lineup together? Sorry, my memory's kinda weak from time to time. Musta been all that good living I did back in the 60's. Or all the tainted Calico I ate. Anyway Thought I'd post a legitimate report on my latest trip for the hell-of-it. Let me know If your going be around the Pt. Dume area; Let's fish!
Just got back with my 12 year old son Jackson from our annual week long summer trout trip to the Sierras, and we definately got our fishing license $, our gas $, our camping fee $, our tackle $, and our sunscreen and mosquito repellent $'s worth.
Pulled into the June Lake loop area on Monday, and kayak fished Gull and Silver lakes for about half a dozen Rainbows in the 12-14" size. Got a great camp spot at Gull Lake for the night. Love the food and drink at the Tiger bar and got to kick my son's but in pool.
Then on to Lakes Mary, George and Twin Lakes near Mammoth for a few more Rainbows the same size. Beautiful weather; clear and calm, great kayaking water. Very crowded and decided not to camp and continued on to Rock Creek Lake but passed due to wind.
Ended up in Bishop and camped Wednesday and Thursday at Intake II pond and fished Sabrina, South, and North lake for about 20 more nice Rainbow's. Jackson got his picture on the Sabrina Tackle shop wall again this year with a 3+ lb. fish. With appropriate relish he got to kick his old man's but at the dock. We fished mostly Thomas Bouyants in red and gold, Roostertail's in the trout color, pink powerbait worms, and Salmon eggs.
Finished the trip at Creekside RV park where they stock their own private pond with the big Alpers trout that they dump in every Friday. Watching little kids with a Snoopy push botton rig catching 5 lb. fish on peanut butter and jelly covered worms while purist fly fishing types stand by and drool, never ceases to crack me up.
I caught one 4 lb.'er and while cleaning him, cut open the stomach to see what they were eating. Out spilled a handfull of trout chow the size of Purina dog food chunks, mostly still undigested. I put the chunks in a cup took them back to the pond and had my son hook one on and cast it out. The trout went wild; fighting each other to get a bite. we caught and released about a dozen huge fish in 15 minutes! That stuff is absolutely the best bait I've ever used. You can't buy it in the tackle stores. You have to extract it from the fish's stomach. Jackson went back the the cleaning sink and fished thru the trash and got some more and distributed to some of the other kids and everybody scored full stringers.
I don't know anywhere else to get the chunks they feed the trout at the hatchery, and if anybody does PLEASE let me know, I sure would save a lot of money at the tackle shop.
Ahh, modern science.
Well back to launching thru the surf and salt encrusted tackle.
-Scott W
Pt. Dume
P.S. Perry- Still got that old seat and fish my ancient fiberglass Ocean Kayak. Tried all the other boats, but can't seem to get the gumption to switch to something new. Go Figure......
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Old 08-03-2006, 03:39 PM
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Default Re: Sierra Kayaking Report July 24-30

I used to have the website. We met at Leo Carillo years ago when DS/CKF had a BBQ there. You rolled onshore in your hand laid Tim Neimier original Ocean Kayak, with the seat your wife sewed the PVC tubes on the back so you could troll and feel when the fish hit. I can see why you're not in a big hurry to sell your kayak or get another one, it's a classic if there ever was one. The seat...well we know how good of an idea that one was.

Thanks for the Sierras report. I usually try to make a run up there every year for some float tubing or kayaking and fishing. Some of the places you mentioned are some of my favorite haunts up there. Heck, I'm trying to settle a date for this years trip now and reading your report makes me want to go that much sooner,LOL. Take Care and see 'ya later,
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