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Old 06-20-2008, 04:58 PM
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Default West Coast Bassers Tournament

West Coast Bassers
is a year long points based tournament that includes the three saltwater basses (calico, sandbass, and spotted bay bass) as well as the fresh water large mouth and small mouth. There is no entry fee and there is no huge payout, this is purely for bragging rights. You may submit one of each for a total of five each month. Submissions can be culled throughout the month. This will be the true measure of the well-rounded angler in a low-key format. There will be a trophy presented to the top angler at the end of the years competition, running through June 30th 2009.

Each person entered is allowed to submit one of each of these species per month.
Salt water basses must be the minimum 12 inches, fresh water have no minimum length. A running tally of total length will be how this is scored. Submissions are done via posting your catch in this forum. A clear legible full shot of the fish lying on a measuring device is required. Length rather than weight will keep things simpler and more accurate than scale shots taken on the water. All measurements will be rounded down to the total of whole inches.

Final acceptance of submissions will be at the moderator’s discretion. Any grievances will be done via PM to the moderator.

Challenge your self and challenge your peers in a simple format that will add just that much more to every time you are on the water.

This is an artificials only tournament, no live, dead or cut bait allowed. Scents and Gulp are allowed. Fish where ever you like when ever, all fish must be hooked, fought and landed from either a kayak or float tube and remember to get that photo!

Tournament starts July 1st 2008 and runs through June 30th 2009. You enter with your first submitted catch. Scores will be periodically updated with a leader board to keep everyone informed. This is designed to be a fun filled catch and release format, get on the water and show us those lunkers!

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