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Old 05-03-2011, 04:17 PM
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Default Kayak Trailer for 8 Kayaks - save me from getting a tatoo!

I have sold all my boats now and don't need the trailer.

I had a rack welded on. It can carry 4 kayaks on top of a couple 9' sailboats. Could probably fit 3 or 4 kayaks on the lower section, though.

The trailer was originally for a 15' fishing boat. Could probably be converted back to that, too, fairly easily.

For pix and details - see my craigslist ad.

It is registered.

Trailer works fine but is a bit rough-looking. It needs new tires for freeway use, and the wheels wobble. Rims are fine but it needs either a new axle or new hubs to fix the wobble. The craigslist price would include getting all this fixed. Take it as-is for $500 or so. Don't be shy about making offers, either.

Hoping this All Kayak Fishing site will bring some people who actually want the trailer for kayaks. As you probably know, a trailer that will hold multiple kayaks can cost a couple thousand bucks. Get this one for alot less.

I have this on craigslist and have had some really interesting trade offers, including tatoo work. I don't really need a tatoo, but I guess if that is all that is offered, I may have to take it.

Please respond here or send email to

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