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Old 01-30-2010, 03:07 PM
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Default Fishing the AM 1-30

Woke up early and was at Cypress today around 6:35am. I was going to meet up with Elijah at around that time but he still hadn't arrived when I was on the water. The bike over:

My plan for the day was to dropshot with robo worms in hopes of triggering the masses of finicky fish. 4th cast I get a solid pick up but never set the hook. Moved to the other side of the pond, I switched to a 4" white fluke and accidentally hooked this guy when I sped up to switch out plastics.

A few minutes later Spencer arrived unexpectedly and told me I said through facebook that I was going to bring a spare oar with me. I meant later in the day but he didn't pick that up so he just used the wind and his rod to move. A while later, I get this fellow.

Moments later the local float tuber kids came in. Normally they are loud but they moved in quietly and shared space. We told them how we were tagging fish and they were glad to help catch fish to tag. Sure enough, by the end of the day they had 10 bass between the 2 of them and me and Spencer used up the 5 tags he made. Good sign is we still haven't caught a repeat fish. More bass than I previously thought in there I guess. I couldn't get bit for a while until I followed their simple rig of only a swivel as weight and caught a solid 13"ish fish that self released at the boat. Official catch because I touched the leader :lol: . Good thing I had leader for once. Slowed down after that, but I think I may have solved my low 2-3 fish numbers.

I love fishing... but I don't mind the occasional catching...
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