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Default Cobra Marauder?

Today I went to Sunset Beach and demo'd the Cobra Marauder. I'm getting a little old to be paddling my FND aircraft carrier into the Dana Point equivalent of Hurricane Gulch! I know Perry has a Marauder! I was impressed both with the speed and stability of the boat! I sat sidesaddle on it, and rocked it pretty good, and didn't flip. I did get a wet butt, and that might help explain the stability! Went about a half mile into Huntington Harbour and when I turned back, I had a gusty wind in my face. No problem. The boat I tested was a bare boat, no hatches, just the shell. So I need information about the finished product, tricked out for fishing! I tested it while Iceman(Andy) did some modifications on my Malibu Pro 2 Tandem. He's the owner of OEX. They're across the little sand beach from Sunset Rentals! Andy is a very nice guy who being a yakfisherman himself, takes good care of you. As does Kenny at Sunset Rentals(Cobras)! Also I found out that the Marauder is a relatively lightweight yak! I'm seeking opinions from Perry and anyone else with experience in this kayak. Pros and cons! Thanks a million! Piranha
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