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Default Re: Cobra Marauder?

Thanks Perry.

We should do that! Can we still buy bait at Cabrillo or do we hafta make it? I'm leaning towards this yak! Saw one in action at Dana testerday. The guy's friend was on his Fish n Dive. The guy was on his brand new(maiden voyage!) Marauder! He was running circles around his fish n dive. Perry, have you tried the X-Factor? When Iceman tokd me it was heavier that my Pro 2 Tandem , I dropped it like a hot potato. Maybe I shoulda tried it! Perry, pm me if you have a yak that's your absolute fave! Capisce?

Regarding Cobra, they're the best. Wes Ogle is a great guy. I recently took my fish n dive over to them in Gardena because a crack had developed. They repaired the crack, recaulked the hatches, went over the whole boat, gave me a tube of caulking, and Wes told me if the crack reoccurs, they'll replace the yak. Can't beat Cobra's guarantee/service!
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