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Default Re: Mission Bay OEX Tournament Report

Congrats Robert! We crossed paths all day. That's fishing. Damn Sea lion cost me money. Weighed only 4 fish thanks to a thousand pound greedy beast that haunted me for a while. Took a just short Halibut from me, and tossed it around like a rag doll. Less than 5 min. later, I get a SBB. He grabs it right under the yak. I Curse him out and this time he gets my crankbait too.

Thanks to OEX. GREAT JOB! Tommy and UniButter and COP Thank You for good food, And thanks to the local guys that donated tackle. I won some Bugz Baits and Reebs Baits. Thanks you guys for donating tackle.

So great to see so many friends show up. As I watched the arrivals in the morning, I sized up the competition. I thought it is going to be even harder than I planned.

Great time.
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