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Default Lifetime Beacon fishing kayak - help please

We have a Lifetime Beacon 144 Lime green tandem kayak that I am assuming the previous owner purchased at Sams Club since I cannot find it anywhere else. They modified it for fishing. It has 2 rod holders, battery box with electrical connections to a rear motor mount. It also has a tubular triangular piece in the front that I don't know what it would be used for other than mounting something like a tackle box or something.

The bigger issue is that we need a seat clip and cannot find it anywhere (internet or stores). If you click on the link and zoom in towards where the strap connects to the kayak, you will see the type of clip that I am looking for. I can't replace the circular piece on the kayak because it is not attached by screw but by rivet. I have tried looking up the seat type but every seat that looks similar to the one on the kayak has the "standard" clips like the end of a dog leash.

The nice seat back can't be used unless we can somehow strap it so it doesn't fall backwards. There are small loops mounted on each side of the kayak near the seat so I could use a strap with a hook but I can't find those anywhere that are sold separately from the seat assembly.

Help please.

If needed, I can attach a picture of what I am talking about when I get home from work.
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