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You are going about it the right way. Take your time. That way you can make an intelligent well researched decision based on facts. When I was first getting into kayak fishing a lot of people told me I "HAD TO GET" this particular brand or model of kayak. I look at it like this: A kayak choice is a personal decision. What feels comfortable and works for one person, might not work for you. That's why I suggested several different brands and models that you might want to try out on the water. I made these suggestions based on my expierence and observations on the water in Southern California over the years. Beware of someone who tells you "This is the kayak you should buy". People told me that when I was starting out and they couldn't have been more wrong. The only way I found a kayak that I was comfortable with was by trying out several of them on the water. I would suggest you enter one of the P.N. tournaments that they will have on one of the bays. You will be able to talk to a lot of different kayak anglers about their kayaks and how they are working for them. Not only that, you can watch them up close on the water and see how they perform and how they are rigged. Lots of good info there.
It will shorten the learning curve considerably.



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