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Thanks Robert,

Trying out and patience have never been my strong suit. But I think its time to learn. This can be a pricey investment till you find the right boat. As much as I do really like my Pungo I now feel certain that "if I had really done the research" I would have ended up with a Manta Ray 12. My very first experience with a kayak was a open try out at lake perris. Sport Chalet brought a bunch of SOT Ocean kayaks to try. I thought cool, but after falling out in 25ft of water then bashing my face in trying to get back in I was like no open decks for me. Now this was 6 yrs ago and I'm sure the yaks are better designed now. But I have to look at they had no seats, cheap paddles and ill-fitting lifevests there. Not the best way to intro someone to kayaking. Right now the only reason I'm even thinking SOT is useable deck space and a rear area for bait tank etc. I like the "DRY" that my Pungo gives, I only get paddle drip for wetness. But then again I really need to hook up with you guys and learn about what is really working and the ideal set up. What I think I'm gonna do is just stay with the pungo for now. Southwind Kayaks is looking into carrying the Liquid Logic kayaks, maybe early next year?? If they do I'll most likely upgrade at that time. After getting info from all of you folks and your experiences maybe I'll end up in something different????




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