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Smile Bug Report

Went hooping down in SD with a couple of friends in their boat. It ended up being a real short crawl and had some shorts but managed to eek out legal bugs.

Some of the other hoopers in the area were using cyalume sticks inside clear milk jugs which were red and hard to see on the water. In fact, I think they lost one of theirs because after they left we were looking for one of ours which got lost and ran across one of theirs. We were using 3 of my hoops which uses reflective tape and a cyalume stick on top, and 3 with no reflective tape and just a cyalume on the large end of the bullet float. These last three were harder to see and we think a fellow hooper took one from our line when they made their last pass and jammed. I don't see how it was a mistake because the hoops we were using all had very different floats.

With as many hoopers as there is now on the water, you may want to make sure you can tell your float from others from a distance lest you tempt someone to take your hoop, or to try to snag it from a jetty and pull it in like some ###bites do. Just a thought,
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