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Default Dana Point Results

Top 10

1. Mark Pierpont 16-2
2. Rob Cuenca 13-12
3. Dave Easton 12-4
4. Rex Macnamera 11-11
5. Yani Hash 11-15
6. Kerry Peeler 11-9
7. Brian Sanner 8-11
8. Gilbert Hernandez 7-3
9. Tony Park 7-1
10. Ken Rosburg 6-5

Jackpot went to Rob Cuenca with a 5-2 calico

I will post more thorough statistics as time allows.

Had to be the prettiest tournament day in Trail history and if you knew where to look some of the best fishing you could imagine.

Congrats Mark and to the top 10 finishers, you are all invited to fish the next stop in SD Bay at no charge!
I had some good fishing in between weights and just could not bring myself to weigh my own fish.

Big thanks to Mark O and Ocean Kayak for sponsoring 1st place with a new T15!


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