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Default Huntington Harbor Prefish 6-20

I finally made it up to Huntington Harbor for a prefish session. I have had a lot of resistance to going--oh its too far, too expensive, I will get lost, the traffic is bad, I wont get parking, its a new place, I wont catch any fish.

But it turned out i liked it a lot and had a good time. I did have some problem with the freeway off ramp--there isnt one for Edinger but I took Winchester and went to Bolsa Chica and then down to Edinger.

Seabridge park is a nice place with grass sand beach and a bathroom. There was plenty of parking and almost no traffic around there.

A Coast Guard Guard auxillary guy gave me a boat inspection and a decal for passing it.

The Harbor is a lot like Newport only not quite as upscale. There is a bridge and and estuary with lots of salt marsh plants so its a combination of rustic and classy. The Navy is on the other side of the bridge- they have a look out tower and there is a destroyer parked there. Thanks to the Navy for keeping a lot of open space.

I was lucky enough to meet Brian Crouse, Richard Lightfoot, Harold Hendrickson, and Brian Sanner there, and they all gave me a lot of tips.

Richard Lightfoot is King of Huntington and a great dock fisherman.

Fishing was pretty good. I caught about 20 fish with 10 legals and 3 really good ones. They were a combination of spotties and sandies.

Apparently the fishing was really good last week with a lot of 10 lb limits.

I think it will be pretty good next weekend, especially in the morning but there will be a lot of competition for the best spots.

If you are on the fench about signing up I would go for it. I am really excited about going back there to fish again.

I took a lot of pictures and will start posting them soon.
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