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billfish3r 12-21-2019 07:39 AM

Bay fishing kayak question
I'm thinking about purchasing a kayak for bay fishing in New Jersey this year. Is there a certain type recommended for the bays or will any fishing kayak do?

reelrydor 12-26-2019 06:29 AM

Re: Bay fishing kayak question
Im not qualified as an expert, but I have been kayakfishing for 20 yrs now. You want to go at the very least 12'. Now if you dont stand and cast and want a good paddling kayak you want one w the long n pointed looking profile, narrower in the middle will give the long distance type of paddle. But if you are thinking a peddle yak or trolling motor you will have to shop accordingly They will have kayak try out days in the spring, I suggest you research online, go look at different kayak brands n options. Sounds like your first kayak--Maybe look for a good used one--Like a tarpon 120 or even better 140 I have bought and sold like 15 in my time fishing it, and am set with two I have now--

billfish3r 02-02-2020 05:43 AM

Re: Bay fishing kayak question
Thanks I'll continue to research. For now I'll just continue surf fishing

Papa-t 02-02-2020 06:38 AM

Re: Bay fishing kayak question
I was in you shoes a few year back. If money was no option I would maybe go with Hobie. I can’t afford a Hobie so I ended up with an Ocean Kayak Big Game 2. This kayak will still run you around 1300-1400. It’s very stable and fishes great. Look at the seats because if you plan on spending time fishing you don’t want some cheep seat. Mine has a very comfortable seat. If you live in a area where you can go visit stores to put hands on different ones do it. Also storage is very important to keep fishing gear in. Good luck

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