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PerryC 08-06-2007 07:54 PM

July Winners
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Congrats goes out to in order:

1. Swampchicken
2. Beachem
3. Wbrewski

Below are the winning photos in order with the first winning photo being on top, second in the middle and third on the bottom.

Thanks everyone for your participation and photos. Please email me with your choice of swag and shipping address. I'll do a mail run early next week or earlier if I have most of the addresses.

We have the summer to go through, and we see alot more winners on the horizon. If you haven't got involved, please consider doing so. We have lots more stuff to go :thumbup TC&TL,

Swampchicken 08-15-2007 05:12 PM

Re: July Winners
Woohoo! I received my new Rod Leash yesterday. Looks really nice. I can't wait to get out and get it wet. I'll make sure the Allcoast stickers are strategically placed for picture shots too.

Keep up the good work. You have a great little site going here.


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