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PerryC 03-21-2007 08:23 PM

Contest Details
Welcome to our monthly angler's photo contest. With many new anglers on the water these days fishing from kayaks, float tubes, shore, private boats and such, we would like to give as many anglers as possible the chance to win some swag. Our guidelines are simple and written in the interest or fairness while giving all anglers an equal opportunity to enter. The contest starts on April 1st, 2007, and you must create an account on these forums and be a registered user. This forum section is where all the postings etc will take place.

Contest Guidelines:

1. There is NO cost to enter.
2. All fish must be caught on hook and line.
3. All local Fish and Game laws for where you're fishing need to be followed.
4. If you're going to harvest the fish, it needs to be measured showing it is of legal size to keep. If you're not planning to keep the fish, then no measurement is needed for this contest.
5. You may submit up to 3 photos per month (including 1 alternate), with each photo being of a different species. However, you may submit as many photos of the same species as you like, but they will only count as 1 entry.
6. All fish must be caught from a kayak, float tube or pontoon boat, except for one "Alternate" photo per month. The alternate photo may be of any legal form of recreational angling with hook and line.
7. Photo(s) must be posted to the appropriate forum before midnight of the last day of the month for them to count.
8. Each accepted photo will count as 1 entry, which will be assigned a number.
9. During the first week of the following month in which the contest took place, we will have a third party choose a number(s) at random to determine the winner.
10. The winner(s) will be able to choose one item from the available items on the prize table, and the item will be shipped to them at no charge.
11. This contest is open to anglers in the USA.
12. Photos do not need to be taken during the month they are submitted for.
13. You may modify the photo with a photo editing program for brightness, contrast, cropping or to smudge the background thus preventing other anglers from determining the exact location the photo was taken.
14. You DO NOT have to include the lure or bait the fish was caught on in your photo.
15. In order to prevent anglers from posting the same photo numerous times, each photo may be submitted one time only.
16. The number of winners each month will vary. The number of winners for a particular month will be posted in the submissions post we put up at the beginning of the month when we create the new forum for you to post your submissions in. For example, for the month of May the first post we put up is titled "May Submissions". This post will contain the number of winners for that month. However, we may at our discretion when we have a good amount of schwag, add more winners for a particular month. This will be at random and we will not announce it beforehand. Please understand we cannot always do this, so please don't be upset with us if we don't.
17. In the event we have multiple winners who want the same item we may have a limited supply of, the first person who posted their entries has first choice, second person has second choice and so on down the line.

Our Sponsor List:
Edge Fishing Products, makers of Hot Sauce, one of the best producing bait scents on the market today.
They also make a line of swimbaits called "Flurries" which are perfect for bass, redfish and more. They also
make a few lines of producing creature baits condors and conrads. Visit the link above to see their products.

Cobra Kayaks
Makers of fine kayaks, located in SoCal. Cobra makes the ever famous Fish-N-Dive model of kayak, the up and coming
Mariner Kayak and over 12 other models for family outings, fitness, fishing and more. Please visit them to see their entire kayak line today.

Blue Water Jon
Blue Water Jon's kayak fishing adventure films. Jon travels to Mexico, Hawaii and all points abroad in search of one thing...catching big fish from his kayak. Jon shares his adventures with you in his films, and while watching them you feel as though you are right there at his side.

Thank You to all our sponsors and supporters for your generous contributions and support of our website and activities. A BIG THANK YOU goes out to you all.

Good Luck to all,

mg2969 04-02-2007 09:06 PM

Re: Contest Details
I wanted to PM ya but since I dont'have 12 posts, yet, I can't.
I really appreciate you and your sponsors putting on this monthly contest.
Rule number 4 is quite wordy and confusing. I
think its trying to ultimately say, my quote , not yours :D
"for the contest no measurement is needed but if your gonna make it a keeper it damn well better be a legal keeper"
Is this what your thinking or is there something else between the lines I am not reading.

PerryC 04-02-2007 10:27 PM

Re: Contest Details
DOH! Yes, that is what I meant to say. If you're not going to keep it then no measurement is necessary. Plus I need to add that you don't have to take the photo in the month submitted, IE "If you took a photo a month back thats cool to submit that one also".

Thanks for reminding me of the 12 post setting. I need to lower that to just a few :thumbup

The sponsors are pretty cool that I work with, and I'll be adding a few more as I touch bases with them. I used to work with more sponsors, but now I like to really know the sponsors themselves, their products, and how the companies do business as far as being customers of theirs.

Hope you'll submit a photo or two. We have some nice scwag for taking a few minutes to attach a photo. TC&TL,

Piranha 04-12-2007 08:56 AM

Re: Contest Details
Perry, Can I enter my photo here? If not, where do I enter?

Thanks, Jerry

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