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ClintBarton 06-13-2018 02:26 AM

Is salmon a fish that has a lot of heavy metals?

I eat a LOT of salmon when I am not travelling. I have had salmon 6 of the last 7 nights (black pepper salmon, mango and shallot and thai chilli salmon, balsamic salmon etc). I know fish is good for you and all based on Japanese people living the longest on the planet but I also have heard of people getting all kind of issues from eating too much; I heard it about anchovies and arsenic or somesuch in your blood anyway. So, with a more normal pace of say 3 or 4 times a week, am I gonna start glowing in the dark or something? Any other fish you recommend to maybe balance things out if it does?

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Lancer_MiG 06-22-2018 11:37 AM

Re: Is salmon a fish that has a lot of heavy metals?
Salmon itself isn't pumped full of heavy metals, it depends on where it's fished. Unfortunately, most salmon comes from Norway, Alaska etc, places that are littered with Cold War era radioactive material from the USSR and toxic industrial waste from the Norwegian, American and Scottish oil industry.

I think it would be better to research which parts of the world aren't too polluted, and get fish from there, and avoid all sorts of fish, be it salmon, tuna, anchovies or anything, from the most polluted places.

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