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seatech 04-28-2007 08:03 PM

Irvine, Part Two
Had to run a bunch of Boy Scouts down to a Merit Badge day dealy this morning, so I figured, I'm 1/2 way to irvine at 7:30am, why not take out the other 2 rug rats and see what's going on.

Arrived at the lake around 8am and rented a boat.

Got the kids in the boat and went to take off, when our youngest decides to pitch his diaper bag into the water. Ahhhh.... the joys of children.

We hit up the West Shore first. Lots of water in the lake now and minimal shore anglers on the West Shore. Caught 2 decent ones in about 45 minutes of fishing; both on nightcrawlers.

Sean with the first fish getting it started:

Decided to troll over to the back of The Flats area and picked up 2 nice ones on the CD5 Rapala in Firetiger.

Found a little high spot, real close to shore wayyy in to the back of the flats. We proceeded to nail really nice fish for the next 3 hours. Nothing smaller than 2lbs. I had a follower on the mini-jig, right to the boat, that was around 7-8lbs!

Largest went 5.5 on the digi-scale

Here is Sean "trying" to lift it for a photo on the way back

...and then mission accomplished:

Fish were caught on inflated crawlers dipped in Garlic Sauce, Chartreuse w/glitter Powerbait and the big one came on a PB/Power Worm combo, the first time I ever tried this!

Interesting note on where we fished. There was a bit of a current coming off a little point back there and the water was somewhat muddied, coming off the point. All the fish were caught on the edge of the muddied water, where it met clear water. Kinda like WSB fishing.

We picked up another 3lbr on the troll back to the dock to round out our limit.

One of our best ever limits today - 8 fish (1 adult + 1 kid) went 22.4 lbs on the digi-scale.

The nieghborhood is eating well tonight!

One last closing shot of the boys and our big fish


Beachem 04-29-2007 03:04 PM

Re: Irvine, Part Two
Those are some nice fish! WTG.


PerryC 04-29-2007 05:09 PM

Re: Irvine, Part Two
Those are some nice looking fish :thumbup Looks like it would be a perfect time to take the kayaks out there and do some trolling. It's good to see you and the boys are getting out and doing some fishing when possible. Talk to you soon,

seatech 04-30-2007 09:05 AM

Re: Irvine, Part Two
Thanks guys!!

Yeah Perry, it would have been a good day to yak out there. Little to no wind all day and not too many boats out.

This coming weekend they are putting in their last trout stocking of the year. Might be worth a try!

I'll be camping/fishing at Oso Lake with the Boy Scouts this weekend. I am hoping it's still as good bass fishing as when it was a private lake!


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