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PerryC 06-19-2007 08:23 PM

Angler's Photo Contest Sponsors
We would like to extend a great big THANK YOU to all of our sponsors for participating and donating items for our contest. Without people and companies like yourselves, contests such as ours could not take place.

As fellow anglers, we ask that you patronize supporters and sponsors like we have and keep the good will flowing. We have listed those companies who have donated items and provided some information on their products. Thank You in advance,

Our Sponsor List:

Edge Fishing Products, makers of Hot Sauce, one of the best producing bait scents on the market today. I have been using it for years on party boats, private boats, kayaks and float tubes. It works very good on bass as well as other gamefish. Hot Sauce is a paste that stays on your lure longer than other brands which are often a liquid. Edge Products also makes a line of swimbaits called "Flurries" which are perfect for bass, redfish and more. Flurries come in many colors and 3 and 4 inch sizes. They also make a few lines of producing creature baits condors and conrads. If you like using creature baits, please be sure to try theirs. The saltwater bass chew them up real good. Visit the link above for additional information and to see their products.

Cobra Kayaks
Makers of fine kayaks, located in SoCal. Cobra makes the ever famous Fish-N-Dive model of kayak, as well as the Marauder which is gaining steam in the kayak fishing arena, and other models of solo and tandem kayaks. Cobra kayaks has models for family outings, fitness, fishing and more. Please visit them to see their entire kayak line today.

Blue Water Jon
Blue Water Jon's kayak fishing adventure films. Jon travels to Mexico, Hawaii and all points abroad in search of one thing...catching big fish from his kayak. Jon shares his adventures with you in his films, and while watching them you feel as though you are right there at his side. I have seen many kayak and fishing films and movies, and I consider Jon's one of the best. It is very entertaining and a good flick to watch with friends and family.

Thank You to all our sponsors and supporters for your generous contributions and support of our website and activities. A BIG THANK YOU goes out to you all.


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