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TechVision32 06-27-2018 07:26 PM

Kayak transportation
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New to the forum!

Was curious how some of you transport your kayaks and if you could give me some input on something.

I recently upgraded kayaks and now own a 13’ (used to have a 12’)

I drive a 2004 Tacoma double cab with a 5’ bed (6.5’ with tailgate down)

My 12 foot I used to just toss in the bed and let it stick out 5.5’ with a flag (no bed extender)

My new kayak only being 1’ longer it seems to make a world of difference looking at it in my truck bed.

my question is with my kayak now sticking out about 6.5’ past my bed do you think it’ll harm the boat itself not having extra support of a bed extender? It doesn’t bounce much but a little. considering the middle of the hull is on the edge of the tailgate then no support for 6.5’ I’m worried about damage.

Most of my fishing spots are 5-20 min drives so nothing crazy and not doing any off roading to get to those spots either.

Old kayak on the wall Eagle talon 12
New kayak Vibe Sea Ghost 130

Thanks so much for your input!!

Papa-t 01-09-2019 06:19 AM

Re: Kayak transportation
I have a kayak rack on my 2500 when I’m pulling my fifth wheel camper to carry over my top and sticking out over the front. But I also have a Chevrolet Colorado for fishing around home I carry my 12” Ocean Kayak in the back. I just strap it down and let it hang off towards the passenger side. No problems.

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