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Maddawg46 10-26-2009 05:31 PM

Necky Looksha 14 weight limit
Asked Necky why they don't post their max weight. Here is what they responded:

Hi Mike,

We get this question quite often and they have listed an explanation on
our website -

What are the weight capacities and volumes of your boats? Why don't you
list those specifications on your website?

At Necky, we find weight capacities and volumes to be very misleading.
We are aware that other manufacturers list "recommended" weight
capacities and volume specifications. It is important to understand that
there is no standardized way to calculate these specifications and that
these are deceiving characteristics to use to compare kayaks.

We understand that the actual weight a boat can handle is dependent on
the conditions the boat is being paddled in and the paddling ability of
the user. Volume is dependent on the method of measurement and for what
purpose the volume is being measured (i.e. usable storage or buoyancy).
We prefer our customers to actually paddle our boats when comparing
different models to see how they perform under specific conditions and
how well the boat fits their personal needs.

As for your specific question - at 275lbs you are at the upper end of
size of paddler for the Looksha 14. While the boat can handle that
weight I don't know how well the boat would perform with that load in
the different paddling conditions you might encounter. This is why we
always recommend having a demo paddle if possible.

Ideally I'd probably suggest a boat like our Looksha 17 for you for best
results but I do understand that many people prefer the smaller size of
the Looksha 14.

If you can find a local dealer that will allow you to test paddle before
buying that will give you the good idea on if the Looksha 14 is going to
prove a good fit for your paddling.

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