Stefano, or Ste is a friend of ours who float tubes for Largemouth Bass in Italy. He fishes in ponds and other impoundments for his favorite fish, the Largemouth Bass and every so often he catches a Pike in the process. He has been emailing us with photos and sending us fishing reports often, and we would like to share just a few with you. Float tubes and bass ponds such as these just go together. Who wouldn't like to get off work and catch some largemouth bass for a few hours beforegoing home? I know I would. Please Enjoy... PerryC.
Malibu Kayaks Extreme fishing kayak
Fine looking Largemouth Bass

Stefano Said: This is what I like to fish with when I am in the water :
(1) A short and fast casting rod for pitching jigs and plastics paired with a good TDZ reel spooled with bawo 14 lb line, a fast rod for lighter plastic and jigs with 12 lb line, a 6 foot to a 6 foot two inch regular rod for fast moving baits with 14-16 lb line, and maybe a 5 foot spinning rod for skipping paired with a daiwa ignis and 10 lb line.
(2) Always carry a good gore tex rain jacket even when the sun is shining, weather changes so fast while bass fishing from my float tubes.
(3) Always carry food and water and a small knife and plastic bags to seal your cell phone, papers, camera and keys.
(4) Sometime I hit the water at 6.30am in the morning and exit at 9 pm, so its better to be fit.
(5) Experience is the best teacher, you have to learn from your buddies... float tube with others when possible.
(6) I like so much Japan stuff, Megabass Evolution rods, Bawo lines ,Daiwa TDZ reels with ZPI handles and ZPI spools, soooo sweeeet but everyone has his own tastes.
(7) I have learned a lot just watching at Katsutaka Image DVDs ( and Van Dam DVDs too ! ).
(8) I like to wear dark camo jacket ( no red hat please ! ) and be silent like a ninja.
(9) When the big fish hits, I like to move it away from obstacles and cover, I like to move always when I am fighting.

Largemouth Bass Fishing
Another fine Largemouth Bass
Largemouth Bass Fishing
Nice Pike, fun to catch in a float tube :)
Largemouth Bass Fishing
Another float tube Largemouth Bass
Largemouth Bass Fishing
Ste, the Bass-O-Matic strikes again
Largemouth Bass Fishing
Look at the girth on that bass...